Define Welcome Meaning


"Dude, I hate living in Welcome."
By Sallyanne

By Charo
Welcome In
The most nonsensical way to greet someone into your place of business

Wells Fargo Employee: "Welcome in!"
Customer: "smh..."
By Janella
1. Welcome is the way of greeting someone of their presence in your location.

By Della
Slang used in the South to describe a bad situation or place. hell.

Johnny got shot and killed last week up the street...Welcome..!
By Adrianna
People use Welcome because it is shorter then

You’re Welcome”

Person 1:”Thanks for helping me today.”
Person 2: “Welcome.”
By Codee
When someone is truly thankful to you, this describes you saying "You're Welcome" with emphasis.

You're truly thankful to me? Well I'm you're very welcomeful.
By Devonna

welcoming yall niggas' in da house
By Katerine
get down in a crouch position then put your arms cross ways and just dance with your legs flapping and your tounge hanging out and make stupid noises.

" Eldy did a fucking welcoming on the bathroom stall today man."
By Jazmin
1. to be awesome beyond contemplation

2. to be so good looking that one is attractive to every female present and at least one guy present

3. to be incredibly smart

1. one who is awesome beyond contemplation (not to be confused with one who is "pious beyond reason")

2. one who owns in all that he/she does

1. to own someone so badly the owned begs to "take it in the face"

2. to win at a competetion so completely that the loser is glad to have lost

3. to commit an act of awesome or divine magnitude

"That stunt is so Welcome."

"Man: I am as straight as is humanly or even not humanly possible, but that dude is pretty Welcomely." Multiple women: "We agree."

"That Welcome guy aced the test."

"Kobe Bryant dunked that ball Welcomely."

"The world's greatest person was beaten in karate death combat by a Welcome."

"Man! Stupid Welcome here won in incredible fashion at chinese chess again!"

Loser: "Dude... I am ashamed past reason. You Welcomed me. May I take it in the face? Welcome: "Yes. Yes, you may."

"Jesus Welcomed those Romans."
By Theresina