Define Noice Meaning

Beyond the boundaries and exceeding the limits of nice. Spoken with emphasis when describing something particularly awesome.

"That freshly waxed fire truck that was rolling down the street looked really noice!"
By Chandal
nice, but better in every way possible.
pronounciation: noyce

-"i just got a really tiny shoe in the mail."
By Mellisa
The cool way that aussies say the word nice.

Damn check the rack on that now thats noice!
By Arabella
a word that is like "nice" but with an Australian accent; used in high volume (mostly). Meant usually in congratulatory terms in many ways; sexual, social, educational etc.

By Isis
better than nice, usually used to describe an action or idea, the o is normally elongated and exagerated to make it "noooooooooice"

"dude, noice!", "that z06 is noice"
By Dore
"nice!", but said like a meathead for effect

I got a C+ in Basic Math. Noice!
By Cathee
When something's nice af. Usually said with added emphasis on the "o". Pronounced as 'No-ice".

"Look at that damn booty, dog"
By Petronille
another term meaning nice, just said oddly

check out that noice car!
By Pennie

-hi stef, my name is john
By Brandy
The official catchphrase of Ninja Sex Party's Brian Wecht, Ph.D. after the Grumpcade episode of Oddworld Abe's Oddysee. Completely originating from him. Nobody else had ever thought of it before.

Person 1: Hey, we're winning 6-1, noice!
Person 2: Oops.
Person 1: 6-2, still not that bad.
Person 2: Well....
Person 1: 6-3...
By Nerta