Define Peter Pan Syndrome Meaning

Peter Pan Syndrome
:The condition of stay childish constantly.
:Kid at heart.
:Unable to grow up.

Retarded kid:
Sophisticated man:
Loooks like someone is suffering from peter pan syndrome.
By Cher
Peter Pan Syndrome
The uncontrollable undeniable natural yearning to stay forever young at heart. Not immature but playful. Not naive but constantly curious and wondering. Disinterest towards more responsibilities (having children/family) but more so interested in playing-having good times-exploring-traveling-learning-getting lost.

"He's almost turning 30 with no kids, no wife, no mortgage.. He must have Peter Pan Syndrome"
By Kalie
Peter Pan Syndrome
Someone who refuses to grow up

By Rubetta
Peter Pan Syndrome
A major psychological and social issue that arises when an adult avoids the personal and professional responsibilities of being an adult. Some of the symptoms include difficulty expressing emotions, procrastination and unclear or poorly defined life goals, and "magical thinking" around mistakes or responsibilities, blaming others for their problems, have difficulty forming a deep connection with people, often desperate to find a partner but has difficulty maintaining meaningful relationships, and trying to escape their reality to make their problems disappear. The person’s maturity level usually does not match their age.

Ivan is twenty-seven, but has not graduated college, does not have many close friends, can’t seem to maintain romantic relationships for long periods of time, and tends to procrastinate a lot to avoid taking care of important responsibilities. He appears to have Peter Pan Syndrome.
By Matelda
Peter Pan Syndrome
Anyone (especially males) born after the year 1990 who believes they shouldn't be forced to take on the role of a productive member of society. For example, someone who is in their mid-20's and still lives with their parents while working a minimum wage job and carrying $50K in student loan debt for a liberal arts degree. Those who suffer from Peter-Pan Syndrome also shy away from basic adult responsibilities such as taking out the trash, doing the dishes or going grocery shopping.

Peter Pan Syndrome applies to anyone born after 1990 who still lives with mommy and daddy, and who refuses to behave as a productive, adult member of society, hence "Peter Pan" and refusing to grow up. This phenomenon occurs almost exclusively in males born after 1990.
By Whitney
Peter Pan Syndrome
When white suburban kids refuse to grow up and confuse gangsta rap with real life

"Stupid kid shot his friend in the head, yes he was 27..he must have been suffering from Peter Pan Syndrome"
By Valli
PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome)
The act of remaining mentally as a child through adulthood.

My mom dates an idiot who acts like a 15 year old, therefore she acts like a 15 year old and does things like get dermal punches and talk about taints IN BROAD DAYLIGHT. She is suffering from PPS (Peter Pan Syndrome)
By Odette
Peter Pan Syndrom
The condition in which A Child is traumatized, forcing them into a state of being a :Grown- Up : IN A child's body

Also in Which that child gets left behind inside the grown ups self, and comes back to return later in life.

This condition states fully and Awarely that you Are indeed A child NO matter of age, and age may turn and turn again.

By Appolonia