Define Pleasing Meaning

A very British way of saying that you enjoy something.

"I really like that sunset." - some American
"I do say, that sunset is quite pleasing." - some Brit
By Robbin
an expression of joy or laughter in response to a funny joke/statement. typically a substitute for "LOL", "LMAO", etc.

"did you see this picture that laur sent?"

By Adella
No Please
This is basically like saying "no thankyou"

*advert pops up*
No please nigga
By Jacki
And Please
A short and quick phrase uttered in reponse to a story bring told that seems to have no purpose, a frustrating situation, or simply to disagree. In essence, it is short for the phrase, "and please, shut the f*** up." Also abbreviated as "AP."

Not to be confused with "N-please" (as in Nigga Please)

Person 1: "Man I have been studying for 12 hours now, im a machine."

*(in reality, he has spent more time on facebook and IM than studying)
Person 2: AP!

Person 1: BP's president is claiming that the oil spill will have only moderate effects on the environment.
Person 2: And please, Mr. President.
By Trudey

By Enrica

Hand me those cookies, please.
By Adelice
Please No
please don't approve this i just needed to write something so i could vote on others things cause im bad at tech

please no to voting this, this shouldn't be in urban dictionary
By Faye
Please is the magic word. The MAGIC word. PLEASE. uh uh

"50 cents please?"
"Just to pleeeease myself?"
"ok sure bb."
By Belita
In Cincinnati (Cincy), this is slang/short for "Could you please repeat that?"

Clerk: Ju orda da watr?
Cincinnatian: Please?
Clerk: Did you order the water?
By Laure
can b used instead of eitha (1) "i don't believe you" or (2) "yeah, right."

(1) "ey, i jus fucked 50 cent in tha back of hiz whip, girl!" >> "girl, please."

(2) "stop frontin, u kno u want me!" >> "PLEASE."
By Bridget