Define Put In Meaning

Put In
1. as in give her your meat, long shlong, purple headed yogert slinger, lick stick, or padro.

2. another word for guys who have sex openly.

open sexually
Girls put out, Guys put in.
if shela puts out tim better put in.
By Cristi
Put Put
Noun: Slang for a woman's vagina.
Origin: Old traditional cute term used by a parent when referring to thier daughter's vagina.

Now used to refer to all vaginas.

Pronunciation: (pu̇t) Pronounced same as, PUT, as in PUT that away.
Put Put can be used to replace the word "pussy".

That guy banged me so hard my put put hurts.

Hey dude, stop being a put put and ask her out.
I'm going to pile drive that put put well into next week.

She's so hot, I'd dump a gallon in her put put... maybe two.
By Jenelle
Put It Put It
When someone tells you something that you don't believe and/or feel like it is to good to be true.
Another way to say the saying "put it on something"

"Aye bro i just won 10,000 dollars on a lottery ticket" the response from the person he said that to would be "put it put it"
By Denny
Put In / Putting In
to add money into the "collection" for a group smoke session.

You gotta put in a few bucks to toke up, we've got plenty to go around though don't worry..
By Kathie
Put On
To make someone/something better; to represent someone or something (ex. a city/town) that puts this person/thing/establishment in a positive light

"I put on for my city." - Young Jeezy
By Cathrin
putted is something my cute ass boyfriend made up, because he has chronic dyslexia, but i still love him so much.

guy: putted
By Galina
Put That On
When you want someone to believe what your saying you put that on something you wouldnt lie on.

By Morgan
A word people use when they skipped a few English classes.
This is, in fact, not a real word.

I putted on a dress
By Shalne
Put It On

That party was wild. We definitely put it on.
By Josepha
Put It On
1: To place or set somewhere; including clothing on the body; wear.
2: Have sexual relations with another.

1: That's a nice shirt, why don't you put it on?
2: Yeah, Sally put it on him!
By Amber