Define Suck Dick Meaning

Suck Dick

the guys all like her because she really likes to suck dick
By Elfrida
Suck Dick

Joyce a lil how all she do is suck dick
By Jesse
Suck Dick
1. to curry favor from one of higher authority; kiss ass, brown-nose

2. to express vicarious pleasure to a person on the occasion of success; praise, commend.

1. "I aced that class."

"Yeah right man, everyone knows you were sucking the professor's dick for that A."

2. "I can't believe we got the machine to work. Good job, everyone."

"Well let's not start sucking each other's dicks quite yet. We still have a long way to go."
By Fiorenze
Suck Dick
Something you say to someone else when they are being gay or cocky.

"Yeah I seen you sucking it up on the field," said Tra.
"Suck dick," siad Quin.
By Dorise
Sucking Dick
What all OU girls absolutely love to do. Those bitches throw neck on any nigga and love the taste of cum. All you have to do to get some is just ask, but I advise you not to do that unless you want an STD.

Bro, last night I saw two OU girls sucking dick on the same dude, holy fuck these bitches are hoes.
By Ardith
Sucking Dick
getting dick fed in the mouth until he cums

when sucking dick,the man control the rhthym and speed and the receiver is simply eager and waiting.
By Beverley
Its when you suck on a males penis. Give him fellatio. Yum Yum. Its great to suck dicks. Its the art of fellatio.

vitale sucks mike's dick for a living. What a poor ass loser. If he knew better he would be suckin the big guys. Must need the foodstamps this year. He suck dick now.
By Correy
Sucking Dick
kissing your boss's ass usually so you won't get fired

You can either join the union or go on sucking dick.
By Doroteya
Sucking (dick)
When (preferably, a woman) goes and puts (preferably a man's) dick into her mouth and does that in cycles until you bust a nut.

Oh yeah,that girl was sucking (dick) that night.
By Korney
Sucking Dick
"Sucking Dick" can be a reference to smoking methamphetamine. Especially in central California. Pyrex glass pipes a.k.a. oil burners are often called dicks/glass dicks/the devil's dick.

That bitch's cheese slid off her cracker... She's been sucking dick all night.
Damn girl. Brush your teeth! You got dick breath going on.
Mom... Come suck this dick (hands his mom the meth pipe) my mom's sucking my dick. LMFAO
Its moms turn in the circle to suck dick. (Who's dick depends on who owns the pipe)
The quietest this bitch ever gets is the eight seconds she's sucking that dick....then she back at it.
I've never seen so many guys suck dick...share the same dick...suck dick and not be while sucking dick..... Go cross eyed on a dick that's in their mouth....

Damn man!!! You got your teeth knocked put by more than just a couple dicks!!(referring to tooth decay from smoking meth)
Suck my angelic dick!!!! HA
By Elly