Define Tattoo Meaning


Facial tattoos always work out REALLY well.
By Mirabel
tattoo is a form of body modification.

'ink permanently implanted under the skin
Tattooing is a process by which pigment (ink) is permanently deposited (implanted) under the skin (well, into the non-exfoliating layers of skin).

We have archeological records of tattooing going well into pre-history (the tattooed iceman dates at 3300 BC). The word itself sources from "tattau", a Tahitian word which translates essentially as "to mark".' -Shannon Larratt

nowadays, there are technology to remove the tattoo such as a laser. thus, meaning the tattoo is a tattoo till is removed.

She found ink missing in her design so she must go back to get her tattoo retouched.
By Sharia
The reason why Dr. Seuss' Sneetches story was ahead of its time.

The un-tattooed sneetches had no stars upon thars.
By Ernaline
A form of expression favored by people who cannot express their individuality through productive means for want of the mental and/or creative capacity. Popular with teenage girls, frat boys, chain-smoking broads, and late 19th/early 20th century sailors.

Teenage Girl: I would like a tattoo that reflects my individuality and unique personality.

Sleazy Tattoo Artist: How about a butterfly on your hip?

Teenage Girl: Its like you read my mind!
By Lyda
A form of art-work. Usually a picture imprinted on the body to describe one's personality or feelings. It's a very serious art, not one to carelessly mess around with.

I think I'm going to get a tattoo.
Do you think getting a tattoo will hurt?
By Gloriana

person 1 to person 2 - i just knew you was a wanker what with those tattoos you have
By Adorne
another fashion trend among some people thinking they actually have something to say that's both important and permanent.

I have a serious need for coolness and heavily into that scene so I'm going to mark up my body to prove with yet another tattoo since I don't have any other way of communicating my individuality with those around me.
By Maire
A mark made on a lark which shows not in the dark.

That tattoo is gonna haunt me for the rest of my life; then decorate my corpse after I'm gone.
By Winifred

fuck what my parents say ....when im old enough, Im NOT gonna get a tattoo.
By Helen-Elizabeth
1. A great way to look edgy without getting in those awfully scary fights at the Nickelback concert.

2. A suicidal, plane-spotting Mexican midget.

1. This barbwire tattoo around my bicep is so deeply personal that I'm like, the eighth guy on the drywall crew to get one.

2. We all know what Tattoo's fantasy was, and it sure as hell wasn't to stare at Ricardo Montalban's groin for the rest of his days.
By Veronike