Define The Bathroom Meaning

The Bathroom
The place where %95 of MySpace default pictures are taken.

Dude, did you take a picture of yourself in the bathroom?
Yeah, it's the only room with a mirror.
By Ellene
For men a bathroom is a place to piss, shit, vomit, jerk off, shower, shave and read.

For women a bathroom is a place to wash up, prepare, shave, brush, bath, relax, clean and to chat.

For many, the bathroom is the last stronghold of privacy.

Steve: Oh fuck, I feel terrible, I can't tell if I'm goin to shit or vomit.
Jeff: Whatever your problems are you can resolve them in the bathroom.
By Carri
The Bathroom
Where boys become men. A place to jack off. bored," "just go to the bathroom.
By Kendre
The bathroom is a magical place where many different things can happen. The original use is obviously to take a bath (look at the word, dumbass), and to take a crap or pee. But many other things can happen in the bathroom nowadays, such as listening to music, throwing a party, studying, reading, eating (yep, that's right, eating), going on your laptop, your iPod, your iPhone, or even hanging out with your friends. The bathroom is the room where the most things can happen, and therefore is the greatest room.

"Hey, what's you're favorite room in your house?"

By Robbin
What Americans call a toilet, even if it has no bath in it.

John went and shat in the bathroom as he could not find a toilet in America.
By Marcellina

I really have to take a crap. So I guess it's time to go bathrooming.
By Shawn
A nice place to have sex specially under the shower.

mayne it ws fun fucking dat bitch in d bathroom.
By Adorne
(1.) verb: To relieve oneself in a restroom, bathroom, outhouse, loo, water closet, or any similar location. (2.) verb: To urinate or defecate.

(1.) As he finished eating, Alex felt a sudden urge to bathroomize.

(2.) It is unlawful to bathroomize in public places.
By Quentin
A placer where you take a shit, Pee, Vomit, jerk off, and all that shit

Oh shit Im Horny let me take some lube and this porn mag

I gotta take a shit, can you say bathroom.

Shit dude, don't pee on the bush go to the bathroom

Shit dude you drank a 5th of Vodka, ima vomit, let me go to the bathroom
By Nesta
what teens call bathroom is really should be called textroom.

dude 1: "may i have the bathroom pass?"

teacher: "yes u may"

dude 1: "dude ill be back i got to go to the bathroom"

dude 2: "so ill make sure my phone is on, right?"

dude 1: "ya pretty much"
By Chelsea