Define The Standard Meaning

a word to describe something which goes without saying.

"whas gwanin, u cotchin at leons tonight?"

"course, u bringin some herb?"

By Shalna
A term used to describe something that is so ordinary and expected to be like that, no one should expect otherwise.

Taz: I may be about 3 hours late to our 1 hour date.... So I may not actually make it at all.

Me: standard
By Paola
assumed. part of the natural way of things. the way things have always been.

rob: did you bring a girl back to your room last night?

me: yeah, dawg.

rob: did you get her in bed?

me: standard
By Aleta
a word that is used in many parts of the UK specifically manchester, it is used usually as a response to something good, or used like the word 'fit' to describe an attractive person, also it can be used to describe something good like a football match score or computer game

john: 'hey look at her'
james' standard !!!'


jason ' omfg we won the game'
aja ' standard mate'
By Janith
1) An illusion(s) or a figment of the imagination created in order to prevent you from getting laid.

2) A shallow state of mind that could result in not getting laid and or a cock block of ones bro(s). This is state of mind that should be ignored and disregarded at all cost.

Dan: "I don't know if I can fuck her she's pretty ugly"
Steve: "Oh Dan you're not gonna score with standards, so what if she's bigger than a bus."
By Annie
a word to describe something which goes without saying

By Maible
word used by the sub-culture for anything they feel like, basically a new, stroppier version of 'cool'...only used by total plebs that lack the ability to speak their own language due to peer pressure.

anti-cultural metaphor that when uttered, perfectly exemplifies the devolution of its exponents, who in contrast see themselves as the avant garde.

pleb 1:check it.

pleb 2:standard, bruv

pleb 1:naaahhhhbruv, on dat next ting

pleb 3:euiiiiiiihhhhh!!!


By Jacquetta
No Standards
When a guy/girl gets with a solid 2 because they're getting desperate

Harry - I can't believe joey got with Olivia

Spencer - I know she's a right mong

Harry - he's got no standards
By Gilberte
Another name for a manual transmission cars. Back when automatic first came out, all the cars had manual transmissions and automatic was optional, so cars came standard with a manual transmission.

That honda civic is a standard transmission.
By Bernadette
Used as a single word in response to a comment you are impressed and/or agree with.

E.g 1

"hey did you catch the fight last night, didn't go the way i expected but damn that was one hell of a card"

- "Standards!"

E.g 2

"hey man , we should get mullered tonight!"

- "Standards!"
By Ardyce