Define The Transfer Meaning

Transference is when you “transfer” you personal flaws and garbage to someone else.

Many times, people don’t even realize they are doing this.

Occasionally it is important for personal, positive growth to ask yourself if you are doing this to other people, because by periodically examining your own flaws, you can be aware of them.

By becoming aware of them, you have to opportunity to change and become a better and happier person.

My semi-evil, douche-bag neighbor just told me all this nasty stuff about everyone in town. I have a feeling he is mostly talking about himself indirectly and using transference.
By Dianemarie
When one is in the last semester of a community or jr. college. And has gotten accepted into a four year college or university. Leading to laziness, and is reluctant to do homework or anything relating to academia. Because only college credits transfer, not ones gpa. similar to transferitis

I just want to transfer to the U of M already, there is only a month left of my final semester at this community college. I have such bad transferitis that I can't even do homework
By Livvie
A colloquial term describing when students who are just about to transfer cannot bring themselves to care about their current classes anymore. This apathy often occurs after they've already received a degree from their current college, but are stuck wrapping up general ed transfer credits.

It is really difficult for me to care what my level 100 history class wants to teach me when I'm a couple months away from transferring to a 4 year college. I think I have transferitis.
By Karina
a state of laziness during the last semester before one transfers to a university.

"damn this is my last semester before I transfer to UCLA, i have massive transferitis."
By Essie
To withdraw from one institution of higher learning and enroll in another. Usually its from one university to another, but it could also be from one secondary school to another.

After two years of torture and torment, I transferred from Syracuse to Duke University.
By Legra
The Transfer
The Transfer is completed when two people line up their anuses hole to hole, and one shits into the other. EXTREMELY difficult to achieve, which is the main reason it's legend is so massive.

The Transferrer has to push outrageously hard, and generally you want The Transferee to have an extremely loose, empty, and wet hole.

Dude, these two chicks are soooo fucking drunk in that room. You think we could convince em to do The Transfer?!
By Therese
In a patient-therapist relationship, romantic feelings can develop. And when that happens, it clouds objectivity and that relationship breaks down.

it's basically a therapist has romantic feelings for a patient and/or the patient has romantic feelings about the therapist.
the romantic feelings clouds the reason why the patient is in therapy. otherwise the romance gets in the way.

s: hey, can i tell you something…? it's about my therapist.
j: of course, what is it?
s: i have… i have feelings for my therapist, the type where i just wanna grab her and kiss her. it's so awkward to have transference feelings for her!
j: that sucks..
By Audrie
Word used instead of "pass" or "hand it over". Generally used when asking someone to pass a joint, bong, or pipe.

Dude transfer me that splif you've had it for ever
By Maddy
A paper metrocard that you ask a bus driver for if you pay for a ride with coins. It is valid for 2 hours for another type of a bus or for train ride.

When in NYC, ask for a transfer.

Hey, @$$hole, your transfer expired 3 minutes ago, get of my bus!
By Brittan
The frustration you feel when you find out you bought a non-transferable airline ticket, and you need to change travel partners.

Also transferated!

I have alot of built up 'transferation' right now, Stan can't go on my flight with me, and the ticket is non-transferable!
By Tandy