Define Tune In Meaning

Tune In
Attempt to flirt/chat up a member of the opposite sex.

Hey dude, you should try and tune in with that girl over there.

Q: Hey what you been up to today?
A: Tuning in with Sarah.
By Stephanie
The step before dating, usually at this stage both people are aware they like each other but choose to get to know each other/flirt first. Probably the cutest and funnest stage.

WARNING: lack of official relationship may cause one of the people involved in tuning to believe dating/hooking up/tuning with others is acceptable.

cameron: "oi bra, who you tuning?"
jake: "hey man, that new chick kirsty"
cameron: "aw yeah she's real hot! but what happened to jess?"
jake: "still got her, tunin = freedom"
By Adoree
On The Tune
going out with someone you like but not yet in a relationship hence being 'on the tune'

Clara: Im on the tune with John
Steve: Awesome!
By Deirdre
Chatting up in a flirtatious manner to advance towards a sexual or romantic relationship

Me: He cheated on me.
My mate: With who?
Me: I don't know, he was tuning some random girls on Tinder...
My mate: Looks like a fuckboi, talks like a fuckboi, is a fuckboi.
By Ardine
Songs or music that can be on any format such as radio, tape, or cd.

Why don't you pop in some tunes to listen to?
By Joella
the process that comes before getting into a chicks pants. also can be the process of flirting

Guy 1: what are you doing man?
Guy 2: fuck all, just tuning this bitch
By Paolina
Tune, pronounced TUUUUUNNEE, means that a really well known, good song is being played.

A song comes on the radio.

'My days this is a TUNE, like'
By Demetra
To flirt and attempt to get a girl to be attracted to you. Has no real derivation, but I sometimes think of it as tuning the girl to your station, not disimilar from a radio.
The act of 'tuning' ceases the moment you kiss the girl or a relationship is formed.
A 'tune mission' is going for a walk, mission or outing with the aim of meeting, tuning and hopefully scoring with hot chicks.

"I've been tuning Kate lately."
"Let's go for a tune mission."
By Rosita
To The Tune Of
1. Set to the musical composition of.

2. Used to mean "approximately", or "in the general range of", but usually only when talking about large sums of money.

1. When I heard Weird Al Yankovich's lyrics to the tune of "Beat It", I decided that maybe MTV really was a worthless tool of Satan.

2. Right: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $5,000 for a new one.

Wrong: So then I had to pay something to the tune of $0.05 for a new one.

Notice that the order of magnitude of the cash amount affects the usage of the phrase.
By Manon
Tuned In
Phrase used in Manchester to describe someone who has been beaten up, usually in football or gang related violence.

That lad and his mates got proper Tuned In after the match, there was blood everywhere.

Another word from you and I'll tune you right in.
By Rosanne