Define Twitch Meaning


Alinity isn't banned from Twitch, even though she has abused cats on stream.
By Blanca
(Derogatory) A slut; a tease; a general nuisance; someone who uses sex (or the promise of it) to get what she wants without regard for other people's feelings. Combination of twit and bitch; also referring to someone who walks in a suggestive ("twitchy") manner.

By Goldarina
One of those words that shouldn't be spoken on YouTube to avoid it from getting triggered and start hiding your content

Mel: I should probably livestream myself sleeping on twitch. Oops, I meant the purple social media thing.
By Veradis
A Twitch is a scapegoat that is easily blamed for anything and everything. Once blamed enough there would not be a doubt that the Twitch did it.

Boss man: "Who was it that didn't follow my explicit instructions?"

Hugh: "Oh man, it must have been the twitch, he is always messing everything up."
By Lorilee
(1) to roll up a jay or blunt.
- most always used with the word "one".

(1) hey, let's go twitch one behind papa john's!
By Michele
The moment when a person is preusured or fells presured, and it is shown by his/her face fucking up for a split second.

andy: omfg did u see that girls face ,what a stupid bitch

william: u fuckin n0ns3 she has a twitch! go fucking kill urself
By Celene

Papa John's is down the road about a half a twitch.
By Henriette
Twitch is a website, where males simp at female streamers and act like a fuck wannabe

By Mariska
To moves suddenly in a seizure like manner.

Twitching John put down his twentieth cup of coffee.
By Ada

Paul Denino and Tyler Steinkamp is doing IRL streams on Twitch.
By Fayina