Define Calculation Meaning

a mathematical determination of the amount or number of something.

"finding ways of saving money involves complicated calculations"
By Sunshine
When someone does something really cool that took an outrageous amount of luck or effort. Sometimes it takes lots of planning.

Dude 1: I'm going to make this basket from 100 feet away!
Dude 2: Shit, can you really?
*Dude 1 makes the shot*
Dude 2: Shit Dude! That throw was calculated!
By Sherye

You really got a 36 on your ACT? You're such a fucking calculator
By Fan

Guy 1: Have you seen my brain?

Guy 2: what? you lost your brain?

Guy 1: yeah, it is green and had buttons on it, oh yeah it say "Texas Instruments" on the front.

Guy 2: dude, that's a calculator

By Paolina
'Calculated' is a term used in Rocket League which means that something occurred with proper timing.

Chat disabled for 3 seconds.
Chat disabled for 3 seconds.
Chat disabled for 3 seconds.
Chat disabled for 2 seconds.
Chat disabled for 1 second.
Me: Calculated
By Randa
The reason why we don't need math, especially in high school, when you'd rather be snogging.

Tim: Math is @#$%?&*!!! I hate it! I want to snog!
Tim's dad: This is why there are calculators. Don't forget the rubber, son.
By Janis
Malware dev's most admired system program to test whether their remote access trojan works

*plays multiplayer game* zOmG!! teh calculator have just opened by itself!11

By Ramona
for people too lazy to say "catch you all later".. saying it really fast makes it "calculator".. used especially when hurrying out of a friend's car.. or when done IMing or txting a group of friends or exiting a chat room..

me (IMing with more than 2 friends): hey gtg guys, calculator!
friend 1: i'll calculator too! bye!
friends 2 & 3: sure!

me (thanking friends for a ride home): thanks! calculator!
friends: hopefully soon!
By Erin
Asian Gameboy

pi=100 pts!

Woah Ling Zhi is really playin' that calculator!
By Kaylil
Cheating device for those to lazy to work out 2+2.

Idiot 1: Dude, what's 2+2?

Idiot 2: Dunno. Steal Jane's calculator.
By Lorenza