Define Carbon Copy Meaning

Carbon Copy
A now passe, nearly prehistoric term for a clone or exact copy.

She is a carbon copy of her mother, down to every detail!
By Avril
Carbon Copy
n. A carbon copy (cc) is a person that has no personality and tries to emulate yours exactly. A.K.A.- the shadow, mini me, or twin brother from another mother.

Joel: Did you wear the same shirt as me so people know you're my carbon copy?
EJ: Yes.
By Shara
Carbon Copy
a replica of a person or group that lacks any sort of originality or unique thought

Andie + Drew + Dylan: "Sweet jacket, bro!"
Liz + Colleen: "Yeah, sweet jacket, bro! Hahaha!!"
Andie: "That's our joke, not yours."
Dylan: "Wow, you two are such carbon copies of us three!"
Liz: "What's a carbon copy?"
Drew: "The 3 unite!"
By Glori
Carbon Copies

the best friend group you ever did see
Members: Jordan, Jamison, Eads, Reid, Melissa, Meg, and Sydney

girl 1: Did you hear the carbon copies are having a party this weekend?

girl 2: Omg we have to get invited
By Tally
Carbon Copies
a derogatory term used by old wasp women to describe a group of black children, noting the uniform appearance and dark color of their skin, 'as if they were carbon paper duplicates'.

Look at all those little carbon copies! I'm glad that isnt my store.
By Darsey
Obsessive Carbon Copy Disorder
The compulsion to CC your boss or colleagues on every damn email you send!

The sufferer usually will usually tell you they do it to keep their boss "in the loop" but mostly it's just to prove they're working.

Commonly known as OCCD.

Why do I have 50 fucking emails from you today? Get your Obsessive Carbon Copy Disorder under control or I'll disable your email account.
By Fern
Blind Carbon Copy False Memory
when receipients of a bcc falsely believe unknowingly that they’re familiar with a person mentioned in it but are not.

The blind carbon copy false memory thru the recipients for a loop.
By Pearl
Privy Carbon Copy
when you use bcc so people can’t communicate through esp

The privy carbon copy protected the historical American from defamation.
By Odelle