Define Check It Out Meaning

Check It Out

By Nita
Check It Out
Phrase from the 60s and 70s, meaning this is so cool, you have to look at it.

Check it out! Don't you wish you had one of those?
By Ferdinanda
Check It Out
A phrase used mainly in Chicago used to get the attention of someone you want to fight,jump, or kill. If someone tells you to “Check it out” and you don’t know them then DON’T I REPEAT DON’T CHECK IT OUT

Nigga 1:“Ayo G folks, Check it out”
Nigga 2:“Yeah wassup”
*Beats the absolute dog shit out this nigga*
By Kitty
Check It Out
Investigate; examine closely with the intention of reporting back the information gathered. Also "to check something out" Much like "scope it out."

I'll stay here. Why don't you go and check it out.
By Aimee
Check It Out

Check it out dude, here's what we'll do:
By Dee Dee
Checking Someone Out
The act of optically examining someone you find attractive.

Daryl.. We been together for 3 years and still I catch you like every other day checking someone out.
By Codee
look at what's about to go down

By Cynde
I'll Check It Out
meaning: it will never happen, won't be attending, like maybe later

Why don't you come with us later to the bar?

answer: I'll check it out
By Violet
Check You Out
A British saying; similar to the phrase used by stupid American middle schoolers: "Want a cookie?"

By Laurel
Check You Out Now
something you say when somebody has done something neat or funny

taylor: girl, i got high with my man yesterday!
sue: check you out now!
By Doreen