Define Cry Meaning

the release of liquid from the tear ducts when:

a) one is depressed or sad
b) one is extremely happy
c) one has to urinate badly
d) one is trying to manipulate a person into doing whatever they want them to do
e) one has an eye irritation

example a- Sara cried for hours after the tragic death of her grandmother.

example b- Karen leaped with joy and cried tears of happiness when she won the 5 million dollar lottery.

example c- Michael's eyes began to water and he began to cry after holding his pee in for two hours.

example d- The little girl cried in the middle of the store when she did not get the toy she wanted. Embarrassed, her mother agreed to get her the toy as long as she agreed to shut up.

example e- After getting sprayed in the eye with a full can of mace, Carl began to cry tears of agony as his eyes burned.
By Marlie
A way to cleanse your soul of all sorrow that has been burdened on you.

After my mom yelled at me, I needed to cry.
By Tate
Obsolete: To call out, to scream.

Nowadays: To weep, to shed tears, most often from emotional distress.

I cried for several hours for my first boyfriend, terrified that his father would kick him out when he found out about us.

At the Rio Grande, on nights with a full moon, La Llorona can be heard crying by the river, searching for her lost children, in some tales drowning any (child) that she mistakes as one of her own.
By Brunhilda
let your heart pour.

i cryed out that i loved her from the bottom of my heart.
By Katey
Something women do to manipulate men.

Woman: Lets visit my parents this weekend.
Man: I had planned on a relaxing weekend at home.
Woman: *Cry* You never visit my parents, is this how our life is going to be?
Man: Fine! I will go see your parents!
By Stacie

By Rickie
1) In the online gaming world, a word used by ignorant raged assholes who disagree with a fact or opinion yet have no intelligent means of disputing or contradicting said fact or opinion.

2) In the online gaming world, a word used by exposed cheaters to shift the focus off their cheating and onto their accuser by means of the same plague of ignorance detailed in definition 1. Due to the excessive level of idiocy infecting internet gaming, this is often a cheaters best defense to insure that they are allowed to stay in the game and continue to cheat.

Normal Person: You can shoot at the floor with the AWP and still get a headshot.

Raged Asshole: cry more nub

Normal Person: I've spectated Player X and confirmed without a doubt that he is 100% wallhacking.

Player X: cry cuz ownt nub

Ignorant Idiot: ya cry more hes not hackin

Normal Person: Did you go spectate to see for yourself Ignorant Idiot?

Ignorant Idiot: i dont have ur just cryin cuz ownt

Normal Person: Oh so you refuse to examine the evidence but you want to me believe you're right?

Player X: cry

Ignorant Idiot: cry

Admin: cry +ban Normal Person
By Anstice
When someone is overreacting over the smallest thing, 'cry' is an acceptable insult. Shortened from phrases such as 'don't cry about it' but used in a sarcastic manner.

Person 1: 'Aw I spilled my drink, shit, fuck, shit, shit, I'm so fuckin' angry man.'
Person 2: 'Cry'
By Hendrika
to get your bulls stuck in your zipper

well when i was young i had a little accident and it happend and all i could do was cry.
By Odetta
To create tears in a stong emotion.

Until I was almost 10, I couldn’t take of my boxer brief undies, until after I cry!
By Gladi