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Have Some
A a taunt used for emphasis after vanquishing an opponent. In the same vein as "What now?"

Short for "Have some of that!" As in, "Have some of that shit I just served you!! How's that feel? HAVE SOME!!"

(after dunking on someone) HAVE SOME!!!

(while beating someone up, especially in a video game) HAVE SOME!!! That's what happens!
By Bella
A phrase uttered when releasing pent up aggression and expressing pleasure at doing so, such as:

1) When your football team scores
2) During sex
3) When someone you dislike is humiliated

Note that this phrase should never be written in lower case, and when vocalised should always be accompanied by your best cum face


2) Mmmm yeah baby, stick your tongue out... HAVE SOME OF THAT

3) Hahaha, he's fallen off his bike. HAVE SOME OF THAT, you stupid wanker.
By Elfrida
Have Some Shit
For some reason the people of Drumchapel are going mad for this phrase, screaming "Have some shit" when in combative argument. Akin to "Fuck you", but with more venom, could be used in situations where a situation requires vengeance.
Derived from a human turd left on a doorstep in Earl St with "Have some shit" written on the inside of a Rice Crispie box stuck in it like a little sign.

I did some serious overtime this week, have some shit petterson.
By Junina
Yes, Have Some
When someone makes a comment or asks a question and you are unable to comprehend it or come up with an appropriate answer. You would reply, "Yes, have some."

person 1:"Do you want some coffee Mr. Tully?" Person 2: "Yes, have some."
By Dorey
Have Some Tea
An inside joke question, to which the proper responce is "Yes indeed".

Refers to an old wave file from a Bruce Lee movie.

By Maitilde
Yes Have Some
having some..

Trace got laid. to which you reply...Yes have some!
By Kori
Have Some Cheese!
the expression yelled prior to launching a rotten cheeseball out of a movie car, normally directed at a pedestrian

Dave yelled "Have some cheese" and then chucked a stanky cheeseball out of the car window, nailing a senior citizen on the head
By Rita
Let's Have Some Fun
also know as wanna have fun when two people have some "fun" usually sex or some sort of sexual activity

Boy-Let's have some fun tomorrow

Girl- Anytime
By Nari
Have Some Damn Faith
A necessity for Arthur to have in the face of never ending errors in the Van Der Linde Gang.

Arthur-“You sure about that Dutch?”
Dutch-“Have some damn faith Arthur! When did you start doubting me?”
By Melinda
Have Some Goddamn Faith
something someone says when you stop believing in becoming mango harvester in Tahiti

By Ryann