Define Jay Meaning


Jay is the letter J
By Yoshi
a tall sexy tan brown eyed NIGGA that makes your heart skip a beat every second and has the most amazing smile ever and his lips are addicting as fuck and his hugs makes you fall asleep how i know that cause this white nigga has fely it and this jay is the most sexiest one out there every girl dreams about having him but sadly his taken by the white nigga very protective but his girl is madly inlove with dat .

i love tan jays the only jay nigga
By Nessi
Someone who is a beast at everything he/she does. Such as running barefoot on a muddy cross country course-or being beyond hot.

Derek: "Did you see that jay run by?"
Nick: "Yeah his name is Jay, he's really good."
Victoria:"And he's so hot!! Jay is such a jay!"
By Darb
Sweetest person in the world. Such a beauty in every way...

He is loyal, sexy, smart, caring, humoristic.. If you have a Jay in your life, you're damn lucky. You'll love him more than anything.
My precious.

ChunnyBunny: I can't stop dreaming of you, Jay.
By Mabel
the cutest, most amazing, perfect, hot, talented man in the world. constantly makes you uwu

ugh jay made me UWU again and hurts my heart daily!
By Dotti
a jay, is anti-social with a forehead bigger then his ego.

person 1: "hey did you hear about jay?"
person 2: "yeah.. when was the last time he was outside?"
person 1: "cant remember."
By Krystalle
a taller boy who gives no fucks. acts like he had a huge shlong when he really doesn’t. usually starts his sentences with “bro my dad...” probably drives a ford and is gay to simoans

that’s such a jay thing to say
By Minda
to be a typical aussie of legend status

can be in noun or verb form

(noun) Deej: man your so jay!

(veb) Muz: wow, i totally jayed it back there

By Juliet
to have sex, mainly quickie sex with someone

"Yo you know who I would jay? Dashawn!"

"Dude guess who I jayed last night...Ann!!"
By Minnie
an awesome midget of a human that is cool and beats up kids

hey jay!!
By Jodee