Define Laughing Meaning

when a smile has an orgasm.

the girl told a joke and everyone starting laughing
By Loria
Used to describe how you feel inside when you find yourself in a pleasing set of circumstances, or at least in comparison to a worse outcome that also might have occurred. It does not suggest glee at another's misfortunes but rather highlights one's own fortunate situation.

eg. 1: The forecast predicted rain for our camping trip, but the weather turned out to be so gorgeous we were laughing.

eg. 2: While waiting at emergency, I was upset over my ankle injury. But then when I saw the paramedics bring in a 7-year-old girl covered all over with first-degree burns, I realized I should be laughing.
By Malissia
quite scary to hear and usually sounds like a cat choking on a tyre.

scares the shit out of animals.
no wonder ET fucked off.
By Deny
Laughing. Is a way to tell your friends their joke was not funny at all when they think it is funny. Created by Noah Henderson in 2020, it is a phenomenon for all people to enjoy except Layth Faddah, the former owner of the word

Person 1: Layth Faddah should be the Laughing. Owner
Person 2: That joke is so bad I’m Laughing. So hard rn
Person 3: you are a uneducated swine person 1
By Claudette
A way of expressing that a joke was funny.

Synonynms: chuckle, giggle, snort

I laughed so hard last night!
By Ertha
A smile having an orgasm.

Dude1: Oh dude look at that smile it's totally orgasming
Dude2: That's called a laugh...
By Anastassia
A word Jackscepticeye shouts when he slaps a whiteboard and knocks some markers off

Jack:L! Lovers, A! Ass, U!...You!,G! Gamer *Duh* and H! is for Happy! put em together what do y’all get? what do ya get? what do ya get? *Slaps the whiteboard* LAUGH!
By Marianne
When you exert loud excited noises from your body while experiencing pleasure and enjoyment

By Allx

We were taking random selfies that's one came out so wrong we started laughing
By Tilly
a sound made when something is funny to you.

By Lila