Define Lesbians Meaning

Women who love other women, in the romantic sense, along with friendship. Heterosexual men often are very aroused by seeing two women making love. Unfortuanately for those men, lesbians are women who are devoted romantically, emotionally, and sexually to other women, not to men.

You'd think that there's many single gay men and many devoted lesbian couples... but look: there's lots of loving gay male couples and countless of single lesbians!
By Ingeberg
What I am with you.

I want you to know that I don't care about any of that stuff. Because I'm in lesbians with you.
By Shannah
Females that are sexually and emotionally attracted to females and only females.

Lesbian (and being one) does not necessarily mean:
1) Rug muncher/carpet licker etc.
2) Being ugly.
3) Being desperate and not being able to get men.
4) A fifteen year old who thinks another girl is pretty.
5) Something that will make you popular if you claim to be it, you are who you are....
6) People with manly features.
7) A loser.
8) Someone to be descriminated.
9) Someone who is any different to hetrosexual person.
10) Someone who got drunk and kissed someone of the same sex.

Jack: Everyone is a fucking lesbian these days, manly beasts.
Freddie: That is because it's now "cool" to be gay so everyone claims to be because they want attention and to be "different".
By Tricia
Mystical Creatures. They ride in on unicorns usualy in groups of two. They are very rare. Most people say lesbians are not hot but the lesbians they speak of are of a different evil breed. They Ride in on flying monkeys(or motorcycles as modern people call them) to capture the Pure Hot lesbians to convert them to the ugly ones.

Bill: Look Tim a lesbian
Tim: quick Bill grab your camera.
Bill: oh no Tim here come the evil ugly lesbians
By Rebeca

If you know anything about lesbians, you know exactly what I mean.
By Noreen
women that are attracted to women. with an exception of the occasional he/him or they/them lesbian.

jadah: “i heard michelle and becky are lesbians.”

baylee: “no shit. they both wear flannels.”
By Oralle

You guys are all in trouble I've got pocket lesbians.
By Prudy
Girls who like or lick other girls for fun sport or profit, either way watching them is a favorite past time for 85% of men. The fantasy of the lesbian(s) is often shattered by the fact that most lesbians are not gorgeous big tittied coeds as portrayed in such classic nature films as "Beaver Hunt" and "Where The Boys Aren't" but infact the majority are asexual carpet cleaning wannabe men without the proper attatchments.

"My pants get tight whenever I see those hot lesbians."

"Those feminazi's are a bunch of mullet wearing lesbians"
By Eryn

ohh those fucking lesbians make me want to jizz all over my nutsack
By Edwina
Any one of my psychotic ex girlfriends. Also: No, you can't watch.

"Hey Should I hit on those girls?" "No man, they're lesbians."
By Mollee