Define Noobs Meaning

Someone who does not know how the world works, what is going on, or anything. They aren't as new as annoying. A newbie is someone new but isn't an idiot. A n00b is the most annoying thing on this earth!

n00b1: U R such a n3wb, U sukkors n3wb.
Howler Silver: ....go away...
n00b1: kno n00b
Howler Silver:...I never even said anything....
n00b1: U R still a newb.
By Bette
Plural of n00b. A new player, generally of a video game, that is unskilled and refuses to acknowledge this fact. There IS a difference between n00bs and newbies, and that is that newbies can and do learn.

"Oh my gawd, I love the map Dust. I can pwn so many n00bs on it. Maybe today I'll pwn enough n00bs that I can raise my rank on the server from three to one! Heh heh." -from
By Daffie
Plural of "noob" or "n00b". "Leet talk" for "Newbie". A person who is not yet skilled in the ways of various computer fuctions, such as games, BBs, or Chat.

"Our usual CounterStrike server is filled with noobs today."
By Codie
Like the word Newbies being new to something. They are annoying until they are no longer noobs.

Stupid Noobs wreck everything
By Evangeline

Christa liked showing off her shiny little noobs.
By Ashlen
no boobs, flat chested

a name you call your boobs when they appear to be absent

Clarie: I wish I could work at Hooters.
Mike: Haha you'd never get the job.
Clarie: Why?
Mike: You have noobs!
By Liza
People that play an online game too much and call people that just got a game.

bill:these "noobs" are easy to kill

bill's friend:man they suck

guy:only homo's say "noobs"
By Roseanna
boobs that are sooo small that there are only nipples for boobs. imagina a 5th graders boobs, aka noobs.

WOW..your girl has some noobs, im surprised wen u feel her up u dont feel her down...
By Julita
a tit of a man usually consists of flab
the people who have them are usally reconised as a gay

You are probley asking do i have them well i have found a test

If you flick one of you boobs with your index finger and the other one wobbles that has not been flicked woobles your have nubes
my friend one had then and went to the doctor. The doctor peformed liposuction to get rib of them

"is that a girl or an man"

"no that is just the local gay Rob Hinchley"

"what is with his boobs"

"oh he has recently caught nubitus (noobs)"
By Erminia
Noobely Noob
Peoples who are twice as noobish as average noob

Johan:'' Aww man. He's such a Noobely noob!''
BennyBob:''Yeah man. Ur totaly right.''
By Merola