Define Pretty Meaning

1.)A girl who has physical appeals that attracts a guy.
2.)A girl can also be pretty inside in her feelings in her beliefs.

She is so pretty i love her eyes.
I like the way she thinks it makes her look so pretty.
By Shelly
Polite way of saying someone is "beautiful,gorgeous,lovely fantastic,hot,sexy"

Someone who looks facially stunning up close.

Dude, that new girl you met, she's got such a pretty face!
By Clari
if a guy says a girl is pretty then he actually likes her, where as if he says hes hot, fine, fit, they arnt going to take the time to get to know her or spend time with her (unless its for a little more than talking) if a guy calls you pretty gorgeous stunning or beautiful then you have one for keeps!!!

By Kath
physically attractive in the face. Having nice eyes and good looks, as well as good features ect.

By Halley

you are vv pretty
By Cele

you: who's the most pretty person you know?

me: you :)
By Latisha

I fix my eyes on the pretty flowers.
By Tarah
Attractive; mainly facially aesthetics.

Face that could be defined as cute or attractive, usually coupled with an average body, which is good enough to accompany the face, but not aesthetically noticeable to the order which detracts from the face.

A person can be pretty without being fit

Rose...she is pretty, but not fit
By Lanni
1. Another word for rather.

2. Another word for beautiful.

1. I think this is a pretty good example.

2. The layout of Urban Dictionary is kind of pretty.
By Lida
A girl that is sexually attractive.
A girl that is hot
A girl that has a nice face, body, etc.

By Agnola