Define Feelings Meaning

a confusing compilation of ups and downs constructed in a mindset of constantly needing attention from someone. craving their presence and awareness. having a piece of them always stuck in your mind everywhere; wanting to look into their eyes, or hold their hand, even just see their smile. often ending in heartbreak, depression, tears, and rarely, happiness. this has been going on for as long as humans have lived. when applied to the right people this affection for someone can beautiful. it is quite scarce but if you happen to find someone fitting... hold on

friend 1 “he’s so hot”
friend 2 “i think ur catching feelings”
friend 1 “oh no.”
friend 2 “your fucked”
By Alis
Something you will never fully understand.

Person 1- "Who do you love?"
Person 2- "I don't know"
Person 1- "Well, what do you think? Trust your feelings"
Person 2- "I don't know"
By Luise
Everyone has feelings. Emotional feelings. Yet all the faggots that listen to psytrance and rap crap deny they have any and anyone that does is an "emo pussy". Yeah right. Stop denying you have feelings and stop trying to "buff up" your "masculinity". You do have feelings. And for the guy who said "feelings are for bitches":

Go fuck yourself. Go out driving your riced out Civic blaring your rap music. You don't deserve to be on here.

faggot: I don't have feelings.

Me: Yes you do.

faggot: Go away emo pussy.
By Celinda

feelings will never go away
By Piper
your feelings is when you get all emotional about somthin. about a female or something that is not key to your survival in life.

say yo, you need to check that brawd. i no you wanna get married and she loves you but you cant be gettin all in your feelings comin over here. take that shit to yo house fool.

say man hes dead. aint nothing you can do hommie. its dun. they shot him and hes dead. no need to go gettin in your feelings about it. lets just go cap them fools that killed shugi.
By Cara
the disease you catch from bad movies and the stranger than average sit-com

I say no go to a computer but that's actually saying no go to my life my feelings and my only belonging
By Marieann
a virus worse than corona
it will leave you crying and in pain
try to stay away, you can help this by being a lonely bitch

side effects:
other bad shit

hey guys i caught feelings again

get the fuck away from us don’t want to catch that shit.
By Brianna

hey, you're a bitch, how are your feelings?
By Shawn
something that is felt by emotional people. Feelings are for soft people.

person 1: damn nigga your breath stinks

person 2: why would you say that, you're hurting my feelings
By Freddy
Something males lack and females have too much of.

"Do men even have feelings?"

"Clearly they don't, did you hear what happened between them?"
By Lonee