Define Movies Meaning

One of Gods gifts to man. They can make you cry, laugh, horny, tired, excited, scared and more. Without movies this world wouldn't be as good.

Bob: I love movies.
Jim: Me to.
Bob: Let's go watch Road Trip.
Jim: Sounds good.
By Hester
Ruined by the MPAA.

Example: Any movies in recent years.
By Danna

I haven't had a case of the movies since I was little.
By Francene
A great place to smooch/cuddle with your girlfrind.

Dude 1: Hey Dude 2, Katie and I are going to the movies so we can cuddle. Hopefully not a lot of people will be there.

Dude 2: Ugh, get a room.
By Michal
WEED or any form of marijuana the code word for having or smokeing weed. made up by a couple of smart kids and spread around all over the world and on to this site.

"Dude do you have any movies?"
"Yea I have a whole collection like napolean Dynamie and shit."
"No. I mean the green kind"
"OOO Yea man. Do You want to go watch them with me?"
"Hell Yeah Dude!!"
By Gloria
The use of cannibus-herbus.


Dan -"lets go to the movies."
Jeff- "ill get my popcorn."
By Adan
Used to describe something epic or well orchestrated, like a good movie is.

Yo did you were you at that party last night? It was a movie.

We workin on this new shit right now, this finna be a movie.
By Meggi
Movie spelt with a "y". Movy avoids discrimination against the letter "y".

Steve: "Did you see that movy"
Harry: "Yes, that movy was great"
By Deena
An excuse for making out in public, or at a friend's house.

Randy:Shane invited us over to watch Saw II and some other movie. Want to just go to make out on his couch?
Angela: Sure. Shane's such a dumbass anyways.
By Annnora

The Godfather is a great movie.
By Hyacintha