Define Puncture Meaning

The act of normal vaginal pentration with the male penis. Can also be used as 'puncture her ass'.

Bloke #1:Have you punctured Sarah yet?
Bloke #2:Not yet but I'm trying.
Bloke #1:You are so gay.
By Flossie
Punctured Princess
She would absolutely be a 10 out of 10 if it weren't for those deflated titties flopping there like burst balloons. So 9 out of 10

She's almost a 10 but she's a punctured princess
By Letizia
Slow Puncture
Awful descriptive term for becoming infected with AIDS.

Shut the fuck up or i'm gonna give you a slow puncture.
By Belita
Puncture Pants
Soft, thin, hipster jogging bottoms worn by triple bases (fit birds)that you could puncture with a dimamond cutter (erection).

Look at those puncture pants!! I could burst a hole in them!
By Dania
Puncture Fuck
The act of hitting someone with a sharp object, preferably a wooden plank with a nail sticking out of it, and then proceeding to have intercourse with the puncture wound.

I heard Chase is into that kinky puncture fuck shit.
By Karry
Slow Puncture
another way for people of the black culture to describe the HIV virus "chivey"

wena nhlanhla, umfana has eh slow puncture
By Quintilla
Aerial Puncture
A maneuver during sexual intercourse that involves both partners to be naked. The female individual lies on the bed, ass up. The male individual steps 10 feet back, acquires speed by running 5 feet (halfway) leaping into the air (hence the name aerial) and shoves his dick into her vagina. This move takes years of sexual intercourse experience, and is not for the faint of heart. Serious penial or vaginal injuries can happen if done incorrectly. Precision, accuracy, and aim is key.

"Damn homie. I tried practicing Aerial Puncture on a laundry basket and I got my dick stuck in one of the holes."
"I tried doing Aerial Puncture on my girl, but I missed and hit her left asscheek."
By Sibby
Romanian Puncture
Often shortened to RP/Arpie.

The act of inserting one's finger(s) inside the participant's anal.

Example 1:

Guy 1 - "Damn, my girl told me her poo comes out with no fuss, no squeezing involved what so ever!"

Guy 2 - "Yeah, she probably received the Romanian Puncture not too long ago"

Example 2:

Guy 1 - "I gave this hoe the Romanian Puncture today"

Guy 2 - "Errrrr, smell your fingers now"
By Petrina
Lumbar Puncture
An overused diagnostic test from the show "House" used similar to the meme barrel roll.

DO A LUMBAR PUNCTURE!!!!11DO A LUMBAR PUNCTURE!!!!11 do a Lumbar Puncture !!!111!11!!!!1!
By Charmaine

Girl #1: I could not do Brian, that guy had a Prince Albert piercing that was like major in caliber. No way was that going in my pussy. I tried to give him a beej, but I ended up giving him more of a handjob.

Girl #2: I do not understand why guys go for extreme Cock-u-Puncture

Girl #1: It has to fricking hurt!

Girl #2: Some guys are freaks.
By Wilmette