Define Stains Meaning

Essentially used to mean anything crappy or shitty.

Wow, your 7,2 offsuit is stains.
By Carry
essentially calling someone a shit stain. a worthless person.
stainy: someone who is shitty, neglectful or bad

noone wants a stainy barn cause that would be cuts
By Kerri

Man, he gave us a real nice chunk of stains this time.
By Fleurette

Yo my friend just got stained

This guy stained one of my friends
By Ardine
Rob someone, usually for drugs.

I just hit a stain on them fufu ass niggas.
By Rene

MAN 1: I just came up!
Man 2: You stained dude didn't you!
By Gwendolen
The clue is in the name, it's a shit suburban town just outside of Greater London. Mostly inhabited by people who live in caravans and have on average 2 GCSEs. Sure there's a few London buses that serve Staines, but they just take you to even shitter places like Hounslow and Hanworth. If you're making the effort of leaving Zone 6 to go to Staines, make that extra trek and go to Windsor which is slightly less shit. Staines is most famous for being the home of Sacha Baron's Cohen "Ali G".

Friend 1: I heard that guy is from Staines

Friend 2: Oh fuck we better run he might try steal our satellite dish and set our car on fire
By Sophronia
adj.To Have Sex
adv. To get Robbed
To Get Beat in something really bad

I stained sally last night

I got stained fo my Rims

I was staining them in basketball
By June
A person in your life you can't get rid of or deny knowing. Other aspects of your life are fine, but there lies a big old reminder and someone is always pointing it out. Every time you look at him/her, you wish your life was stain-free.

My sister-in-law is a stain.
By Jennifer
Verb: The action of robbing a pussy nigga

Dawg we just stained a nigga named John for three zips. That nigga a bitch no cap
By Annadiane