Define Used Meaning

a) When someone was led into a relationship and merely "used" for sex.

b) a slut

c) no value, since it has no use.

"She got used"

"She is used"

"Used cigarette"
By Honey
if you're a girl it's when you go to a party and drink alot and then you meet some guy and you go and fool around

if you're a guy its when you meet a girl and take advantage of her situation...
her being drunk, emotionaly down...anything

"Man that girl was so used, that guy fucked her up."
"Last Saurday I went to this party and i drank soo much and then I met this guy names Cory and he tried to get in my pants and i couldnt stop him because i was soo drunk. He used me"
By Julietta

My husband beats me but it's ok I'm used to it.
By Georgie

Karen: "How much did you spend on your bass?"
Joe: $800".
Karen: "Brock's bassist spent $300 on his bass!"
Joe: "Well, his bassist must have bought a really used bass to spend that much on it."
By Teddie
A Good Punk Band produced by John Feldmann.

By Dorella
A(n) emote or meme term/version of the actual word "aNus" or for short "Anus".

Heheh. L O L.
By Mellisa
No Us
The grandest, most beautiful way to rebut an insult, in a communist way.

Joseph: ur mom gay
Stalin: no us
*soviet union anthem plays*
*everyone salutes and starts crying*
By Lisette
"used To"
accustomed to, familiar with, hardened to, in the habit of, at home with, at ease with, comfortable with

I'm "used to" living in the city since I moved to it a year ago from the country.
By Cordula

By Eulalie
Use Us
Utterance by the soul cube in Doom 3 once you've killed enough enemies. The soul cube is called "use us" in order for the speaker to not sound like a D&D fanatic.

When deploying the "use us" you must say "GO USE US" or else your 1st, 3rd, and 5th children will be stillborn. And you'll have to eat them. Not cooked.

-5th enemy killed...-
(Much like Gollum would say..)
By Manon