Define Stats Meaning

In gay chatrooms, a man looking for RT (real time) sex will IM an individual in whom they are interested and write: 'stats'. This means that they wish to know the age, height, weight, body type, hair color, eye color, penis size, and desired position (top, bottom, or vers) of the man whom they are soliciting for sex.

Napervilletop: you lookin?
Fillmyhole: yeah, stats?
Napervilletop: 22, 6'1, 170, athletic and smooth, br/bl, 8" cut, top. you interested?
Fillmyhole: you lookin to host or travel?
By Fawnia
stats is an abbreviation of the word 'statistics'. 'Statistics' is the collection, organization and interpretation of numerical data.

websites use 'statistics' to aprehend with the eye just how many bodies of persons are calling on socially to the website.

This in turn takes charge of just how significant the compiler of said website's e-penis is.

From TeeGee of FuckingUpThe.Net
By Penelopa
Stats Statutory Notices pasted on hardboard and erected on lamp columns by the local council in advance of parking restrictions/roadworks etc.

I had to put some stats up on Thornbury road for the roadworks next week
By Rubi

Useful stats: Over 600% of drivers don't drive!
By Shay
used to describe a situation, or appearance

Dude did you see his guitar solo? GNAR STATS!

Check out that rednecks hair. Mullet stats, fer sure bro.
By Dalila
Short form for Statim, which is Latin for immediately medical

I need a knife... stat....
By Ania
By combining "ASAP" and "stat", it means to do something even faster than either of these words alone would intend.

to a friend: "Get his dick out of you A-stat! He's got the hiv!"
By Kara
An abbreviation of the Latin statim, "immediately", often used in medical contexts

-The patient's heart just stopped working.
-We need a defibrillator in here stat!
By Sib
No Stats
no dice; no go; not available

derives from days of hand-computed fantasy baseball stats. overeager owners (ie. steven blank) would call and hound the commissioner for the latest league statistics. one time, a flummoxed commissioner tony picked up the phone and screamed "NO STATS" before slamming it back on its cradle.

no stats on the movie tonight, i have to work.

no stats on the chronic, my guy wasn't home.
By Mirna

By Denise