Define Subreddit Meaning

A community on Reddit.
Usually mentioned with an "r/" prefix due to Reddit's URL routing.

By Arabelle

“I hate walking home on Thursdays because there’s always this subreddit outside my house that catcall me.”
By Livvyy
Sister Subreddit
Literary just a term created by the users on reddit that just means a subreddit that is similar to another subreddit that they created. It is also shortened to "Sister sub".

Check out our sister subreddit of r/fakehistoryporn called r/fakeprehistoricporn
By Roxanne
Safe Space Subreddit
A place where a group of people can gather if they have been subjected to ideas that differ from their ideologies. These safe spaces have circle jerks, pointless discussion and a delusional moderator team. Presumably, this allows them to recover from the trauma; free from any lasting damage resulting from exposure to ideas that conflict with their beliefs.

By Berget
Linking Subreddits Outside Of Reddit
Subreddits should only be linked in reddit. It's very cringy to do it outside of reddit. You'll see this very often on Youtube comment sections anyway due to the upsurge of dumbass YouTubers narrating various subreddits, with their main audience being kids who have never actually been on Reddit before.

When I see people act this way I reply with "r/thisisntreddit"

Linking Subreddits outside of Reddit
Youtube comments:

Person 1: Bro the 2013 Cat in the Hat is the best movie ever, it deserves to be the highest rated film

Person 2: Bruh that film sucks

Non Redditor: r/whoosh

Person 2: Don't link subreddits outside of reddit, you didn't even spell it right.
By Noelani

Look at these dorks playing DnD and thinking their jokes are funny. They're like a subreddit.
By Gwendolin
Pyrocynical Subreddit
the pyrocynical subreddit is a subreddit that talks about none other than despacito. it used to be one based on the youtuber pyrocynical but got slowly taken over by despacito.

*literally any picture from this planet*
pyrocynical subreddit: is that a despacito?
By Ricki