Define The Common Meaning

The Common
a favorite hangout for the pseudo gangsters

pseudo gangster: yo, man, i feel mad boss standin next to the WWII monument on the common
By Maurine
Vivid and contemptuous description used in a wide range of ways to describe someone who is uncouth, has no class, no intellectual dexterity, emotional maturity, or spiritual insight all the way to down to being someone who is pretty much of no particular good use or value to forward thinking people.

This word is not race or class specific and does not rely or pedigree or upbringing. It's all about patterns of behavior and world view.

"Man that Duck Dynasty guy is something else with all the stuff he says. Is that what all Christians believe and think?"
"Some of them do, but they don't get on TV and blast everybody around them as if they're common, like these 'tards do. It actually makes THEM look like the commoners".
By Willyt
commonism, is an idealology which in contrast to the ideology of Communism, which is an economical entity controlled by the economical elite, and is a Socialist entailment. Instead makes reference to a social order, whereby the mentioned institutions are in direct control of the common man citizen body within a society and not the corporate economical and political elite. The social order in question is comprised exclusively of all citizens within a society, who are not members of the economical or political elite ( The Establishment elite ), the average and ordinary common citizen body.

commonism, is the solution for the combating of political and economical elitism, and consequently, the alleviating and curtailing of corruption and greed from within the economical and political fabric of a society.
By Annamaria
Common (a.k.a. CommonSense) is an underground rapper out of chicago.He broke out with his song "I used to love h.e.r." talking about how hip hop was being changed in the 90's

Did you hear about Common from brown sugar?
By Ebony
The Commons
A place at Hempfield Highschool where niggers and spics are drawn. An area that becoms unpassable and very loud between classes.

person 1:I saw a cop in the commons today

person 2: you mean the hhs zoo?
By Mildred
Mad nice rapper with the sickest flows and when he raps it means something

I'm raw hustlas getcha bakin soda
Too many rape the culture
Leave rappers with careers and their faith over
It's a war goin on you can't fake bein a soldier

Oh Shit, that dude Common has crazy rhymes
By Petra
Coming from the word common. If you wish to make one part common to several different models. Typically used in a cost savings idea. Not to have several parts that do the same job across different models, pieces of equipment etc.

We would like to commonize as many parts for the seven different models we have.

We would like to have a common part shared between the seven different models we have.
By Madeleine
A term used for someone who has a low social status or someone who is considered useless to society.

"The commoner tried getting into my father's country club but our security guards threw him out."
By Roana
common a.k.a common sense is an underground mc who gave birth to several classic hip hop albums such as "resurrection", "one day it'll all make sense" and "like water for chocolate."

have you heard the new common joint "the corner" featuring kanye west??it's dope.
By Channa
He is one of the few rappers you should respect even if you don't listen to him. I respect him through his conversations and debates with other men on TV, and I don't even listen to his type of music but he appeals alot. Shows a lot of wisdom, never talks about hoes or disrepects woman. Make's wise conversations and music. Only song I know is "I use to love her".

His rap name also represent Common Sense, from what I heard. He concerns from his surroundings, thus the use of common sense in ur life.

"Yo is that Common?
"Nope, not the common rapper"
"Oh, duh, next time I gotta use my commen sense to know that"
By Deanne