Define The Feeling Meaning

Feel That Feel
To understand what one means; empathy, or similar experience to.

Ben: This morning I was so hungover that I couldn't move without wanting to die.

Joe: I feel that feel.
By Arlena
a confusing compilation of ups and downs constructed in a mindset of constantly needing attention from someone. craving their presence and awareness. having a piece of them always stuck in your mind everywhere; wanting to look into their eyes, or hold their hand, even just see their smile. often ending in heartbreak, depression, tears, and rarely, happiness. this has been going on for as long as humans have lived. when applied to the right people this affection for someone can beautiful. it is quite scarce but if you happen to find someone fitting... hold on

friend 1 “he’s so hot”
friend 2 “i think ur catching feelings”
friend 1 “oh no.”
friend 2 “your fucked”
By Nelli
A terrible disease that has plagued mankind since the beginning of time.

Characterized By: inability to think straight, throbbing heart, acting idiotic, nausea, anxitey, and butterflies Etc.

May Result In: changing image/lifestyle, heartbreak, mistakes, relationships, Life altering decisions Etc.

Girl: I think I've got an awful case Feelings
Doctor: I'll prescribe chocolates and chick-flicks daily until your feelings are gone.
By Sybille
Feelings? What the fuck are those?!

Crush: I have feelings for someone. Me: who? Crush: sike idk what feelings are Me: oh sameeeee
By Em
The Feels
the wave of emotion that hits you like a truck and leaves you think fuck man why

i just saw Brittney with her new bf, shit gave me the feels
By Nat
A wave of emotions that sometimes cannot be adequately explained.

By Madeleine
A series of ironic Instagram accounts featuring different characters from pop media with captions.

"My favourite .feels account is obama.feels"
By Matilde
A crush is someone you have formed feelings on. Now it could be for any reason such as physical and emotional traits, or even little things such as them having the same love over pikachu as you. Now this crazy force it starts with an f but I'm not really sure I should say it...I-i mean I'm still getting used to the whol---ITS FEELINGS. It. Is. FFEEEEELLIINNGGSSS. Now for some dumb reason us humans decided, "well oh I guess if you have feelings for someone, you shouldn't tell them cause that would just be stupid right? So instead let's just show them signs such as being mean to them or flirting with everyone besides them to make them jealous" ya ya ISNT THAT JUST SMART. WE COULD MAKE IT SO EASY JUST BY ALL ADMITTING WE HAVE FEELINGS FOR SOMEONE INSTEAD OF MAKING IT SOME EMOTIONAL GAME. FOR GOD SAKES EVEN PENGUINS ARE EVOLVED MORE IN LOVE LIFES. THEY FUCKING BRING THEIR CRUSHES PEBBLES TO SHOW THEIR UNDYING LOVE FOR EACHOTHER. SO HUMANS, bBE MORE LIKE PENGUINS. thank you for your time

Gary: yo man I know this dude and I kind of want to get to know him like for some reason I think he's hot and I th--

Lucifer: Gary my bro it's because you have FEELINGS for him. Embrace the feels Gary. Embrace them.
By Ella
Feel It
what you say when someone gets told, usually used in reference when a girl does something stupid.

"pat, i just made out with your sister, feel it!"

you just fucked taras and got a STD, feel it!
By Hermine
The Feeling
"The Feeling" refers to a type of second-hand embarassment one gets in awkward situations. You may have to look away, walk away or ignore to get rid of the uncomfortable tension in your stomach.

Nerds making out and canoodling in public may give you "the feeling."

If someone tells a story with too many graphic details in front of your boss or parent, you may get "the feeling".

If someone tells a corny joke or anecdote, you may get "the feeling". Same goes for over romantic, nostaglic, or schmaltzy sentiments.

If someone falls, farts, or makes a fool of themself and you are directly next to them, you may get "the feeling."
By Laurianne