Define The Knee Meaning

The Knee
The knee is a pre-foreplay activity used by a man to stimulate a woman. During the usage of the knee, the mans knee is pressed against the female genitalia and either rotated or moved side-to-side. If performed correctly the knee can cause a woman to completely give herself up to the male. The knee is an artform which many attempt, but few master.

The knee was invented in the 1990s by an elite sexual group of american gingers. Some misconceptions about the knee is that a girl can get pregnant from the knee, and that the knee can transfer sexually transmitted diseases.

When using the knee the most common mistake is to use excessive force as well as slamming the knee into the vagina. While some vaginas are leathery and can handle excessive slamming action, most are tender and can be damaged permanently.

Girl 1: Ugh, I'm in such Pain.
Girl 2: Let me guess, Chad performed "the knee" on you again didn't he?
Girl 1: Yeah. :(

Girl 1: Wow I feel amazing today.
Girl 2: Why, did you get a good kneeing last night?
Girl 1: Hells yes!
By Minta
Knee To Knee
When a womens pubes grows from one knee round to another. (extra large pubic area)

"She must not have shaved ever, she had a knee to knee"
By Katuscha
Knee Knee
Knee knee is top/head from Chicago.

Keith wants knee kneehead from his girl.
By Karol
A device attached to the human body, designed for finding furniture in the dark.

*stumbling around the dark*

beep beep beep

By Sharona
The Knee
Also known as the falcon knee. Based from the second Super Smash Bros game. It has the ability to dish out and serve complete and utter chaos. The perfect mixture of knee and electricity there is no escape from the mass amounts of pain coming right to your face. If you mix the short hop of the shffl there is no chance that you are able to move ever again.

The Knee just came out of no where.
By Con
A joint that connects the upper and lower leg. This joint is infamous for one reason: the dreaded arrow. If an arrow hits you in the knee, you will transform into a city guard who endlessly receives reports of sweetroll robberies.

I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took an overused joke in the knee.
By Cele
The absolute worst place to be hit with an arrow.

I used to be an adventurer like you. Then, I took an arrow in the knee.
By Ilyse
A Knee

"She is a knee because she is a foot below a cunt."
By Marybeth
the shorter way of saying on your knees (telling someone to get down on their knees and suck your dick)

said like this: knees bitch! now!
By Joey
It's when you're dancing with a girl, you take your knee and rub it against her crotch/vagina.

That girl couldn't dance, so I gave her the knee.
By Lorrayne