Define Topic Meaning

Kind of a sub-title at message boards.

Make a topic about monkeys.
By Drona
A word used to pretend that a conversation has a point.

Topic: Chippy loves men!
By Nalani

Yo, what's the topic?
By Ashly
Something that is often strayed from. Especially if its at hobo forums.

omg you fackin newbs! stay on topic!
By Kaylee
to over-talk or contine to talk about the safe topic alot in a small time of space

The news continues to topicate about OJ Simpson and the real killer. I wanted to hear something different this week.
By Elsa
When a person is up to date with the trends, gossip and activities in modern society.

Joel: Hey C-dawg! Did ya hear about Brangelina's breakup?
Chad: Yeah, I'm heart-broken brother!
Joel: Man, you are so topic! That thang only happened just a week ago.
By Tracey
End topic.

When a topic lacks, sucks, has been ruined by idiots, OR! someone has posted something so brilliant, there is no need for foruther posting.

ex. 1

Poster 1: Hey sup guys?
Poster 2: ur mom
Poster 3: /topic

ex. 2

Poster 1: The other day I was helping a friend move out, and I saw his mom naked.
Poster 2: Ho shit, was she hawt?
Poster 1: Yep. She (insert discriptive things about her hawtness).
Poster 3: You're fucking sick, not to mention lame.
Poster 1: GTFO of my thread, douchewhore.
Poster 3: No. You fail at life.
Poster: Nice going, you fucked up the thread.
By Karalynn
You’re a TOPIC If you are so crazy that people can have a conversation about how wack you are and it would last for hours. Pretty much, there’s a lot to say about u. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It just means ur crazy and goofy.

Oliva; Elma did the funniest thing today!!! 🤣🤣🤣
Exavier; That girl is a whole topic.
By Zarah
Hot Topiced
when you suddenly find yourself surrounded by wannabe emos sporting the lastest clothing labeled with the cartoon charecters from years past. you can usually spot some one who has been "hot topiced" when the person is obviously trying to be unique, but looks just as shitty as the last shmuck who walked into the store.

"whoa man, what happened to mary? i never knew she owned so much black.....or had so many peircings"

"its too late for her now, shes been hot topiced."
By Val
Hot Topic
This is a store to which people can find t-shirts, sweaters, hats, basically all attire that may have a faviorte band or funny saying. I personally go there, and I do not believe that I am trying to rebel against anything. And if I was trying to, to what would I be, society in itself, you could say the same thing about Pacific sunwear, Ecko, or any clothing store, they could all be considered rebelling against something. But I just want a shirt with my faviorte band's name on it.

Let's go to Hot Topic, and not rebel against anything, but rather buy some clothing articles, like we would in any other clothing store.
By Tana