Define Toucha Meaning

A person who trys to get something out of others for nothing in return; pimp

"Dude, Look at you with your ho's, you're such a toucha"
By Cindi
Touchas Mullet
touchas is butt in yiddish and mullet means business in the front, party in the back now we have to look at the human body and go to the butt area.
it is when you have hair all around your asshole and can be very long, curly, or wavy. it is very long, over 6 inches long.

her touchas mullet was so long that i braided it with beads and made her buttlocks!

his touchas mullet was so hairy and curly i could have cut it off and made a wig.

everytime i fart my touchas mullet waves like a flag in the wind
By Jordana
Hairy Touchas Mullet
this is when a person has a lot of hair near their butt area, touchas is a yiddish word for butt, and mullet well as you know business in the front, party in the back, but in this case it is gross in the back, and can even be smelly...

i could not find where her hole was because she had a hairy touchas mullet

his touchas mullet was so hairy i could braid it over two feet tall!
By Thomasina
Somebody Toucha My Spaghet
A crime punishable by death in multiple countries including Italy. This as an act on the most ruthless of criminals commit.

Oh no somebody toucha my spaghet.
By Hayley
Somebody Toucha Ma Spaghett
A cool fresh meme from 2018 which originated from an old cartoon of Goldilocks and the three bears. The meme centres around the daddo bear as he says “Somebody toucha ma spaghett!”

Hey have you heard that meme “Somebody toucha ma spaghett”
It is well funny like Logan Neistat
By Naomi
Somebody Toucha My Spaghet

By Gretel
Somebody Toucha My Spaget
A fire meme from 2018 that Is based from an old cartoon

By Roana
Somebody Toucha My Spaghett
A phrase commonly used by Italians when someone tampers with or steal their spaghetti

By Verena
Somebody Toucha My Spaget

Somebody toucha my spaget!
By Ardelle
Toucha My Spaghet
when some girl trying to touch your spaghet

i met this girl today, she was nice but i had to leave because she tryna toucha my spaghet
By Brigid