Define Verde Meaning

spanish word for green, used to describe marijuana

I'm feelin to smeez some verde fool.

where the verde at?
By Leigh

"You know I don't have that kind of verde right now, man". (Prison Break)
By Cleo
Also used in Spanish to describe someone who's "green"; rookie; someone who's new to something.

Esa mija esta verde, no sabe como mamar verga.
By Florinda
A person who plays the board game Settlers of Catan and collects sheep instead of trying to win the game

Player 1 - That guy keeps rounding up all the sheep and sending them to his 2 for 1 port
Player 2 - Yeah, he's such a Verd
By Harlene
The term use when somthing special happens. This can also be used to describe somone that is very special and abstract. Verd can also be used for somone who cannot spell or is an idiot.

- By the Verdly aka Luke

Guy - Woha look at Him!
Guy2 - He is so Verd
By Chandal
A columbian saying word

Gloria from Modern Family would say verd instead of word.
By Cam
Similar to the word, "Word". When somethin's cool with you.

Imp the Dimp- "You waanna hit a movie toninght, hommes?"
Mat- "Verd."
By Jacquie
A roblox group and game that are stupid and gay.
Also hacked multiple accounts as of October 23, 2020 just because some people raid and troll their game.
Verde is also a color in Spanish meaning green.

"i work at verde"
"ew, verde sucks"
By Marcela
Rio Verde
A town in Arizona in the middle of f**king bum ass nowhere where you shoot cars and ride rzr’s

That Zach kid lives in Rio Verde
By Kynthia
Rabo Verde
An older man who likes to court and date younger girls, whether corresponded or not. Only used in extreme cases (a 45 man courting a 18 year old girl would be appliable). It is most exclusively used with men and in the phrase: 'viejo rabo verde' (viejo meaning old man) No equivalent expression for women.

¡¡¡Ya déjala en paz, viejo rabo verde, que podría ser tu hija!!!!
(leave her alone, you viejo rabo verde, she could be your daughter!)
By Ardyth