Define Better Than Meaning

Better Than
Something that someone says to someone else, when they do something bad or stupid

Eg: Mona is better than Yassin
By Debi
It's Better Than Nothing
A phrase used to describe an accomplishment so insignifican it is virtually equivalent to nothing. Often used by slackers to justify slacking.

My goal was to exercise for an hour, but after 2 minutes on the tread mill I called it quits and ordered a pizza. It's better than nothing.
By Bambi
Better Than Your's
Nothing can compare.
So nice of you to try tho :

haha look at those sleezy ass friends of her's.
Yea bitch they're better than your's.
By Rana
Better Than Nothing
Someone who's not Mr. or Mrs. Right, but is Mr. or Mrs. Right Now. Someone who will do in a pinch until a more suitable person comes along.

"Hey, what do you think of my new girlfriend?"

"Well, she's better than nothing..."
By Dorri
Better Than Bieber
this is a term that has been showing up very frequently in the youtube comment section. You can find at least one person saying this under any video on youtube. This is usually said when a video is deemed by the person to be much better than listening to justin bieber's music.

msstacybieber: i hate this video they totes make fun of my precious justin.

neon471: better than bieber

trolldudelololol: PINGAS!!!!
By Lolly
Better Than Sex

guy 1: You know what's better than sex?
guy 2: what
Guy 1: Wario.
By Jocelyne
Better Than Expected
better than expected: it's the new way out of something.

The economy after the 2008 crash seems to be recovering at fast pace at the incessant sound of "better than expected". the only problem is that the predictions of what's "expected" are made by the same guys that didn't see the worse coming... when it was really better.

dude1: Hey dude? Is your wife really cheating on you and you still in this good mood?

dude2: Well.. it's because I thought she was double timing me with 3 different guys. Turned out to be only with two of them.

dude1: Oh, I get it! you're into the whole.. Better than expected thing
By Faythe
Better Than Sex
Describes a euphoric experience, often food-related, quite similar to an orgasm. Usually used by women, as for most men there is nothing better than sex. Such an assertion will often precede a lengthy debate on whether the expression is accurate.

That chocolate cheesecake was better than sex.
By Doro
Better Than A Wank
An excuse or a reason that guys use if they fuck an ugly or fat chick.

Jim: I can't believe you fucked that fat chick last nite
Bob: Better than a wank
Jim: True, true
By Alla
(adj.) Usually referring to Ronnie James Dio, immediate successor to Ozzy Osbourne in Black Sabbath, but could refer to any vocalist for Black Sabbath. BETTER THAN OZZY means possessing more musical talent than Ozzy Osbourne.

Lame-O: Dude, "War Pigs" is so badass!

Awesome-O: HAHA! "War Pigs" is nothing compared to "The Devil Cried"!

Lame-O: Why?

Awesome-O: Because Dio is BETTER THAN OZZY!!!
By Siouxie