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Gay People
gay people are gay why do you want to know what they are

By Norene
Gay People

By Adelheid
Gay People
The best, yet most misunderstood people ever to exist. YES, GAYS ARE HUMAN! NO, HOMOSEXUALITY IS NOT AN ILLNESSSS!!!

I am one of the gay people that exist, but that doesn't mean I'm unhuman.
By Elli
Gay People Are Gay
An adage used as a psychological tool to expose bias.

The key portion is the last word, which used in this context can be interpreted either as a statement of truth (i.e. oranges are orange) or as a pejorative insult (Those shoes are gay). Essentially it will trigger people who are easily triggered. The point of doing this is to show that an inherently unbiased statement is interpreted by the individual to follow their own rationale, often time exposing their bias towards negative interpretation.

Similar to "It's okay to be white".

heilhonkler tweets: "Gay people are gay."

rando tweets: "@Twitter why do you continue to allow homophobic hate speech on your platform? People like this are despicable and should be banned."

*outrage ensues*
By Bobine
Gay People Say No
A popular term used most commonly by Elementary and Middle Schoolers to try and make fun of someone because they are "gay." Basically someone would walk up to you and say "Hey have you watched the movie 'Gay People Say No'?" If you say no then you are "gay" because the tittle "says so." If you answer yes then you better have a good follow up comment. (See below for an awesome one!) You can alternatively respond with "Cool Story Bro" and watch the other person shut up.

Person 1: Hey have you ever watched the movie "Gay People Say No"?

Person 2: Yeah, I downloaded that off of ThePirateBay like two weeks ago! It was AWESOME!! My favorite part was when that one dude took down the enemy helicopter with a throwing knife!
By Deanne
Gay People Say No
a movie that is quite popular with grade-schoolers. You will usually be asked whether or not you have seen this movie, to which you must respond yes and then proceed to make up random scenes you saw in it. Otherwise, as the title suggests, you are gay.

person 1: Have you seen the movie Gay People Say No? *snicker*
person 2: In fact, yes I have. Do you remember the car chase scene where the hero jumps through the windshield, shoots the driver, crashes the car off the cliff, and jumps onto a helicopter at the last minute, steals it, and destroys an entire car dealership with it and then shoots at random people?
person 1: walks away
By Caty
Gay People Are Gay
The phrase "gay people are gay" is a self-explanatory tautology, as well as a paradoxical statement. Gay people technically are gay, but at the same time the pejorative use of gay also leads some very sensitive people to conclude the opposite. Hence, it's paradoxical.

Bobo: "gay people are gay"

Kiki: "WTF DID YOU JUST SA— hey wait a minute, that's actually true"

Bobo: "hah, gotee"
By Ivonne
Really Gay People

Really gay people like Trevor Hodgiz loves dick
By Quinn
Sad Gay People Club

Person A:Are you apart of the sagp club
Person B: Yes the sad gay people club I got my Membership card today
Person C: Cool
By Megen