Define Guys Meaning

1 who has a sexual thought every ten seconds.

By Lexie
1 who says that he will call you and then never does, but makes up an excuse for why he didn't.

I was soo excited to be with this guy last night.
By Katlin
the reason i wake up. i mean, they can be idiots just like girls can be bitches, but, come on, you gotta love the nice, cute ones.

i love guys and i hope one day i'll find one who doesn't think about sex every seven seconds.
By Karalee
1. A really good brand of potato chips.

2. Male hu-mans

3. What Cal calls people when he can't remember their name.

1. Don't forget the Guys!

2. Guys are just gurls with penises.

3. Hey guy!
By Adelind

all guys are the same
By Josey

Guys, lets go watch football and fantasize about the cheerleaders!!
By Donielle
Enemies in video games, particularly generic mooks in older (NES, SNES, Genesis, Arcade, etc.) games and when there's a lot of them.

There's too many guys on the screen and it's causing the game to lag!
You have to hop on the guys' heads to get across the pit.
I got past the pit but I got killed by one of the guys on the other side.
By Ninnetta

Shawol 1: I love guys
Shawol 2: Me too!!
By Sandra
A human that knows NOTHING...cares about NOTHING...thinks about NOTHING except the fastest way into his girlfriends house

guys=everyone that isnt a girl...duh
By Anni
what i like to have sex with

By Judith