Define The Same Meaning

The Same
Phrase in Indian IT lingo. Refers to the topic of the discussion.

Hi Admin. Please provide access to logs as we don't have access to the same.
By Daryn
Same Same
Similar, the same as...

Related to "same same but different."

Part of the dialect of English spoken in Thailand, especially by Thai people working in the tourism sector.

Bangkok same same London.
By Sabine
Same Same
I first heard it during the Vietnam War in the 60s
It's still used quite extensively throughout Vietnam by Vietnamese as well as Australian and US ex-servicemen.
Having said that, I am noticing younger generations of tourists becoming quite enamoured by the same same.


How do you feel?
Same same yesterday.

What's the difference between these two beers.
Same same.

All Vietnamese same same... black hair, brown eyes.
By Cristin
Same Same

Is the beer better in that bar over there? No, same same as here.
By Kelly
a word to say after any statement or anything at all.

person: ugh im so bored
me: same

person:i wish i was taller

person: sometimes i cover myself in chocolate then roll around in chocolate and pretend im chocolate
me: same

*building explodes*
me: same
By Annemarie
The definition of sameness is the same as when u say same but with ness added to the end to be extra...

Friend 1: I enjoy shopping
Friend 2: Sameness
By Nita
Same Same
it means same , but told in a exaggerated way .When you want to tell someone how you and the other person have something in common , you can tell this

girl:i have blue shoes
another girl:aye same same
By Erna
Same To Same
A term used by BAGUNA gang when something they do is similar. Also known asshame to shame”

Omg same to same mind” “lmao shame to shame situation”
By Gay
Same To Same
a term used by baguna gang when something they do is similar. Also known as "shame to shame"

"hah same to same mind" "omg shame to shame to situation
By Franni
A word that can act as a reply to literally any possible sentence imaginable.

Person 1: "Don't you just hate it when people say 'same' after everything?"
Person 2: "Same"

Person 1: "GAAAH! My leg just exploded!"
Person 2: "Same"
Person 1: "Really?"
By Rozelle