Define Happy Meaning

it means that you are very exited about things and have no bad feelings about anyhing that will happen to you!

i am very happy today!
By Catarina
A feeling of contentment and peace, like you don't need anything else.

Dude 1: If you could have anything right now, what would you have?
Dude 2: Nothing, man. I'm happy as is.
By Amy
what everyone wants to be without the aid of mind-altering substances

if you need drugs to make you feeel happy, then you're not really happy
By Dorthea

Yes. I am happy. My nipples are bursting with excitment.
By Fern

I am happy
By Audry
bucky, cheerful, overly joyous all the time, can put people in a good mood upon interaction with

madelynne "bucky", a theater girl with plenty of girlie intuition, who finds joy in being on a boat or banana earrings, that gets excited when pudding is mentioned, and happy when there is a possibility of toyama.
By Stacie

I feel vary happy!
By Windy
One of the seven dwarfs... the cheerful one.

I rear-ended a car at lunch today. The driver gets out and, OMG! he's a dwarf. He comes up to my car and declares, "I am NOT happy!!" So I said, "Okay....So which one are you?"
By Ambur
Simply an e-motion (energy in motion) just like all other phenomena that arise through the body floating above the natural human undercurrent of peace. As with all energies in motion it comes and goes. Some idiots a while ago figured they'd screw with mankind and make them think that a certain emotion was better than all the others. I mean really come on guys how stupid did they think people we were? Oh wait.

Muskrat: Hey Ravi are you happy? I'm sort of sad because my muskrat jelly just got stolen.

Ravi: Dude man, you can't define your emotions just follow Buddha's teachings bro you'll realize your true peaceful nature eventually.
By Pearle
the feeling you have after a great fuck.

Damn, that shit made me happy!
By Ingrid