Define Inappropriate Meaning

The word people use when you've done something that isn't technically "bad" or "wrong" but they still don't like it anyway and expect you to conform to their personal tastes.

Burping after a meal is inappropriate; there's no rule against it, but people don't like it so you have to conform.
By Kris
The current euphemism for "wrong" or "bad." It is supposed to sound more objective than "wrong" and "bad," but it is not.

I'm not saying that you shouldn't have called him an asshole, because he is; it was just inappropriate.

Wearing nothing but lingerie to the office is not wrong; it's just inappropriate.
By Shena

Your friends are to inappropriate for me....*sits uncomfortably in nearest seat and avoids eye contact*
By Maribelle
What your mom says when she catches you masturbating.

Jimmy: *jacks off*
(mom walks in)
Mom: That's very inappropriate, Jimmy.
Jimmy: #$%#$^@ BITCH!
By Deana
A word that apparently means "not suitable or proper in the circumstances" but is used these days almost exclusively to mean anything that is sexually explicit, drug or alcohol related, violent, or otherwise obscene. In the context of age in terms of children, rather than the traditional overall definition.

Son, are you playing the Hot Coffee game in the AO-rated version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas? That's inappropriate!

Where did you get that innuendo from, it's inappropriate!

By Leann
In high school settings, short skirts, low cut tops, see through clothing and skin tight jeans. The student handbook says not to wear this, but many girls still wear it anyway to look skanky.

Principal: Young lady, that top is inappropriate!
*someone throws bottle and hits him in the head*
By Ardella
Meaning bad in a certain way or NOT appropriate.

Talking about dating in school is what teachers call inappropriate, just because they're not in a good relationship.
By Christie

"That music is inappropriate!" The over-protective mother said stupidly.
By Koo

Me: *Looks up body part*
UrbDic: Member, *****, cock,

Me: Urban Dictionary is so inappropriate!!!
Me: *Never visits Urban Dictionary again*
By Sheelah
The word that used to actually mean something, but doesn't mean anything anymore.

Kid: Ima post a dic pic to instagram
Mom: hey you can't do that, it's inappropriate
Kid: Im sorry, what?
Mom: It's too inappropriate to post
Kid: That's not even a word!
By Carlotta