Define Teachers Meaning

If you want the vague definition: A person whose job is to teach children, teenagers, or adults depending on the type of school.

If you want a more descriptive definition:

There are three types of teachers.

1. An awesome teacher, someone who's funny and is a very kind person deep down. Someone who everyone says is their favorite teacher, and actually cares about their students. This is the rarest kind.

2. A teacher that is in the middle. Someone who is awesome some of the time, but an asshole from hell the rest of the time. This, or a teacher that no one really cares about, who isn't one particular kind.

3. A teacher that is a bitch from hell, even if it's a man. From my knowledge (I'm still in school), this is currently the most common type of teacher. This is a teacher that is normally an old, grumpy bitch who seems to keep her job for the sole purpose of making your life a living hell. This kind of teacher delights in giving students piles of homework because (s)he seems to enjoy it; the kind of teacher that hates everyone. This kind of teacher will get you in trouble just because (s)he doesn't like you.

Some teachers are actually nice, but most are horrible. This is what people who went to school in the past, or were home schooled, don't seem to realize.
By Connie
An underpaid person that tries to educate kids. But can't. Because:
1. Kids are not allowed to be beaten.
2. Parents in America are useless and don't beat their kids.
3. Rap music.
4. Cell phones.

The kids passed on into the next grade, even though they couldn't read or write.
We wouldn't want them to feel left out and hurt their feelings, so we pushed them through anyways.
The future of America is looking pretty sweet!
By Roselin
People that teach you in school. They could be good or bad. Most are bad if you have my teachers. Like my math teacher would cry in front of the room about how like her. Most of them act like they care, but they don't.

The worst teacher I've ever had is my current home ect teacher. She hates all of her students except her favorite. She yells at you for the smallest reason, and never stops talking about the house that she is bluiding. Everyone hates her. She doesn't deserve her job. God, I hate her.

The best yeacher was my old reading teacher. She was cool.

Teachers make school boring.

By Drusi
A person who dedicated their lives to make other children's life miserable simply because they have no lives at all. They ensure that no one else does either.

Kid 1: Does Ms. Smith have a life?
Kid 2: Of course not. Teachers don't.
By Melosa
Teachers are people who have chosen the profession of (hopefully) imparting knowledge, creating understanding, assisting in application of the knowledge and understanding, and assisting & motivating kids to attain higher-level thinking skills.
Most of those I know are caring, dedicated and work 11 months a year (yes, during the summer) and 7 days a week, 12 hours a day M-F during the school year.
Of course, as with any profession, you have lame-os and deadbeats.
The pay sucks if you work in one of the "Education? Why Bother?" states, like Arizona.
But, watching kids actually try to learn, take standardized test after test (thank you GWBush) and still maintain a sense of humor and enthusiasm makes it worthwhile.
On the downside: Parents who are less than useless, kids who are totally unmotivated and chose to destroy the learning environment and the administration that supports that (thankfully not all administrators are like that) for fear of Karla's mom getting angry that Karla won't be moving to 8th grade... Yes, in Arizona if the kid fails every class and misses 85 days of school, the parent can override the teachers' recommendations to retain the kid.

Julio wrote a letter that said, "If it weren't for my teachers, I'd think all adults were drug addicts and losers."

Pretty cool! My teachers lined up on the last day of school so we could throw pies in their faces!

I have had some astoundingly good teachers and some abysmally bad teachers.

The contributors for some of these "teachers" entries really should have been paying attention to their teachers, then wouldn't look like such asswipes by their horrid use of language and spelling skills which testify to their dumbfuckery.

By Melanie
Boring people who would rather spend their life after school staying at school.

All teachers think that they can control a class(which is 98% untrue).

Teachers usaly bore you to death by explaning to much.

Other teachers drive you crazy by making you write to much.

Some teachers that don't know the meaning of rest give you homework everyday.

Some stutter all the time.

Others like to shout and chuck tamtrums like 3 year olds when ever you make a mastake.

Others also always give too many dettention slips so they don't look vunreble when the class mucks up.

Teacher: Today your we are going to write a 5 page report.
student: Oh thats boring.(class mucks up.
Teacher: I'm giving you all a detention.ROOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAR.
By Malvina
1) A naive woman who, in her youth, was a brown-nosing obsessively organized girl with no other positive influence in her life aside from her teachers, who gradually matured around the actions of teachers and henceforth was too passive or familiar with the education system to persue a career more rewarding and lucrative.

2) Currently the destruction of an evolved generation who could have led the world to enlightenment but is held down by traditional values and lack of motivation.

3) A person who applied for a college professor position but was told to start from the bottom and work up.

Highschool, the destruction of a generation, is being held up only by the committed and biased women of the world.
By Caria
annoying people who are poor and gay

hello I am Mr.Jones and I am annoying poor and gay
By Mil
stupid idiots who don't know how to have any fun what-so-ever and won't let kids do anything they want to

i hate teachers
By Kathi
they have eyes in the bach of their heads so they can see everything you do and when they no somthing about you they dont leave it!!! (do u miss baker)

they cast spells on random kids so that they become boffs and get the mic taken.

they watch your everystep and give you freaky looks down their long pointy noses with there black square glasses (or gold round ones in the case of chicken woman who holds up her trousers with a tape measure!)

teacher: what is 394567 x 394567
kid: 155683117511
kid: how the fuck did i know that
teacher: i put a spell on you
kid: noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!
By Clarabelle