Define Jock Meaning

A jock is a young male whose entire life revolves around proving that he is superior to everone else, hence, the involvement in competitive sports. Jocks are trained to trample on other people without feeling any remorse. Some females can be jocks, too. The important thing is NOT that they are actually good at sports, but that they ernestly believe that they are superior and that they act that way. They, of course, have their circle of friends (as many as possible, so as to show everyone how "friendly" they are and to make themselves feel good) who they do acknowledge as nearly their equals. But anybody else is dirt beneath their feet and not worthy to even speak to them.

You see them everywhere. Some stop being jocks after high school, when they find out they really weren't that great after all, even in their chosen sport. Others remain jocks throughout college, or welding school, or whatever. Some remain jocks into their thirties and beyond. By then, it has nothing to do with sports. It's all in the attitude as, of course, it always was.
By Alfie
A complete muscle head who thinks having a life riddled with friends and women who's only good feature is the body will actually get them somewhere. One who goes out of his wasy to look for flaws in people. Is always trying to look cool by wearing the latest style.

read the above
By Minni
A term used by English people to generally describe Scottish people in a derogatory fashion (was once a common male nickname within Scotland). It is now considered to verge on racism when used by a non-Scot. The Scottish equivalent for the Irish "Paddy" or "Bog-trotter".

"Those bloody Jocks are at it again with their whinging over the Barnett Formula and North Sea oil revenues."
By Monica
Stupid idiot selfish wealthy athlete who gets all respect and all girls in high school, who usually gets bad grades and gets nowhere in life. These people pick on the 'nerds' and smart people bcuz they think they're too 'cool' to study or do any work, so they pick on the minority student who isn't so popular. All the girls pay attention to him and ignore the hardworking, achieving students who work hard. Also, the only thing in these guys's brains are their sport, no one elses and nothing else.

By Barbi
Dumbass athletes who get all the chicks in high school. They end up bagging our groceries, cleaning public toilets and flipping burgers at McDonald's after high school. They usually like group showers with other jocks after doing their dumbass sports.

By Illa
The kid in high school who's parents paid everything for. Generally having poor grades, driving a nice car as if he earned it, hitting on all the slutty girls and getting attention because of his sell-out style and flashy white teeth.

There goes that shit-faced jock in his red sports car again. Probably just got back from another AIDS-infested party.
By Melodie
A guy who participates in sports. Usually an arrogant bastard who is popular. They usually listen to gangster rap and think they are black. They also think the world would blow itself up if they weren't popular and are fucking rich. They usually own ricers, or fast cars that their parents bought them. They usually have a sister that is a chearleeder who is also popular. He usually fucks her and other cheerleaders.

In other words, an arrogant dumbass who thinks he is DA KING OF DA WORLD.

It's the coolest job to me.....
By Gloria

By Winni
Someone who gets preferential treatment just because they play sports.

O. J. Simpson was acquitted from two counts of murder b/c he is a jock.

The captain of the football team is a real jock. The principal superseded the English teacher and gave the jock a "D" since he made the winning touchdown in the homecoming game.
By Odette
to jock; to cop; to copy what one other says or does

1) he just jocked me!
2) Aint jock a nigga like me style
3) Jay is a jock
By Alexandrina