Define Coolest Meaning

the most "cool" or the "best"

"man, that car is like the coolest thing I've ever seen!"
By Rebeka
When your cooler than the cooler kid with the Minecraft shirt

Wow your coolester then Jimmy!
By Marita
When your cooler than the lid who has the Minecraft shirt

"Man your coolester!"
By Leann
Jessica The Coolest
Jessica the coolest is the third one in the group that had the big ass forehead and big ass sky scraper teeth.

Jessica the coolest
By Jobi
Survival Of The Coolest
Derives from Survival of the fittest by Charles Darwin, almost the same concept.

Think of your typical high school. An individual, or a group, eventually becomes the coolest shit in town. Once the spotlight is on them, the people who are uncool eventually dwindle and implode (or realistically...their genes die off and all the cool kids go to the summer of '69).

Person 1 and 2 get noticed more than person 3.

Person 3 becomes less noticed for the things that person 1 and 2 do (attention whoring...or just being themselves).

Person 1 and 2 eventually are the Survival Of The Coolest and person 3 does not reproduce and eventually his or her genes die off and are never seen in anyone else again.
By Adria
Coolest, Flanlynn
Brooklynn and Flaneur, is indeed, the coolest 😎 people on this current, planet Earth. 🌍 🌎 🌏 Facts, no cap, true. βœ…

Anyone who goes against this, is either mad or boring. Stay mad. πŸ˜œπŸ‘ŽπŸ»

β€œYo bro, The Coolest, Flanlynn: aka the coolest damn duo on this Earth, is fucking here!! YO CHILL ACT NORMAL!! πŸ˜¨πŸ˜¨β€
By Sascha
The Coolest Jew
Albert Einstein. That’s all.

Israel: We want The Coolest Jew to be president.
Austria: Who?
Israel: Oh, we mean Albert Einstein.
By Velma
Coolest Of The Cool
coolest of of the coolery.

woah, look and Jill and Blake they're the coolest of the cool!
By Deva
Coolest Bananas
An expression to the coolest thing, event or idea to happen. Often used with "manz" at the end for emphasis or to those with whom you are familiar.

A: We've won tickets to WOMAD!
B: Coolest bananas manz!
By Luise
Coolest Cat In The Barn
The act of being extremly cool and amazing, yet resembling the awsomeness of cool barn cats.

Amanda: WOW, My pet fish is SO cool!

Hayley: You bet, it is the coolest cat in the barn!
By Belle