Define Like I Said Meaning

Like I Said
when mrs criasa say some he usally say u know like i said and again

u knwo like i sadi alright
By Tybi
Like I Said
Texting: LIS. (ph) a rude, passive-aggressive phrase, usually found at the beginning of a response, that lets someone know that they didn't listen to you. Done in convo with subordinates or anyone you disdain, because being polite to these people 'doesn't matter'. Often found in abbreviated form in response emails and texts, as LIS, indicating you think the person hasn't read or understood your post.

"Like I said, you need to get to the meeting 15 minutes ahead of time."
By Piper
Like I Said
Phrase: commonly used in the beginning, middle, or end of a sentence. Used as a filler for "um," "and," and "dude." Commonly paired with another phrase, "Scoinaaan." Does not need to refer to anything one actually said or a statement from the past.

"Like I said, we need to see what's scoinaaan with third shift. Like I said."
By Giacinta
You Act Like What I Said
Used to retort when someone exaggerates. Usually said with immense frustration.

Person A: The roads look really bad.

Person B: With the way you drive, you'll be home tomorrow!

Person A: Will you stop picking on me?!?!?! (all upset)

Person A: You act like what I said, like I killed you god damn dog!
By Tabbie