Define Paired Meaning

this is when something happens to someone and they are humiliated or shamed.

person1: david just got hit in da face with da ball
person2: HAHAHA!! PAIRED!!
By Drucy
Originating from London, and now used in Brum more than anywhere:

Paired is another word for sad.

Newsman: "They had just got married and were driving to their honeymoon when their car crashed and they were both killed"

Boy: "That's paired."
By Ines
"Paire" is a fan-created word coined to describe the relationship between the two characters Peter Petrelli (uncle) and Claire Bennet (niece) from serial "Heroes". Paire is not canon but fans of Paire don't care about it.

1st Girl: Oh, I want to kill Tim Kring (creator/writer of Heroes)!
2nd girl: Why?
1st girl: He didn't make Paire!
By Kiersten
Pair Of

By Clary
A set of two cards that share the same number or face value.

Two 2's is a bad pair, but two Aces is the best starting hand.
By Guendolen
The set of breasts on a woman, usually commented on as a whole.

Dude, check out the pair on that babe!
By Arliene

Steve: Titanic is a terrible movie, but I loved seeing Kate Winselt's Pairs!!
By Brittne

This guy is such a wuss, he acts like he doesn't even have a pair.
By Rubie
Taken and adapted from Bluetooth pairing (when two Bluetooth enabled devices agree to communicate with one another).

In bluetooth, When this happens, the two devices join what is called a trusted pair. When one device recognizes another device in an established trusted pair, each device automatically accepts communication, bypassing the discovery and authentication process that normally happen during Bluetooth interactions.

This can however be used when on the town to refer to women you hope to hook up with.

Seen anyone to pair with yet?
nah, that woman pushing the pram looks already paired.

Pairing is the verb meaning "to pair"
By Edythe
(sporting) to get two ducks in your two innings in a 5 Day cricket match.

"Athers has got another fucking pair!"
By Wilhelmina