Define Look Fat Meaning

Do I Look Fat?
Is this a trick question?

Wife: Do I look fat?

You: No you don't(really means yes).
By Fleur
Do I Look Fat In This Dress?
The question that every woman will invariably ask of their significant other atleast once. She is fishing for a compliment and the correct answer is ALWAYS no. Do not say yes unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch and pulling your own pork for a month.

By Aubrette
Does This Make Me Look Fat?
Girl asking her boyfriend/husband if he likes her looks. No right answer can possibly come of this. Usually followed by screaming or noise as hand/fist/foot connects with husband/boyfriend's body part.

Does this dress make me look fat, dear?
I don't think it's the dress, honey.
By Cindi
Do I Look Fat In This Dress?
Asked by that fat pig you've been porking, when the answer is obviously yes. If you say yes, however, you will never tap that ass again, ever.

Her: Do I look fat in this dress?
You: Who let the pig out? Snort snort snort snort. WHO LET THE PIG OUT? and so on...
By Collie
Do I Look Fat In This Dress?


Otherwise yo' in the shit.
By Chloe
Does This Make Me Look Fat?
Actually, there is an answer to this statement that is as feared as "you are the father". Though it is a question.

GF: Does this {article of clothing} make me look fat?
BF: Before you ask me, ask yourself, 'Do I feel fat wearing this?' Then, maybe I can give you a better answer!
By Viv
Do I Look Fat In This Dress
If she looks fat, tell her she looks fuckin fat. Don't lie just to get sex. If that bitch is fat, then dump her and go for something hotter

Bitch: "Do I look fat in this dress"

you: "yes baby you do, you so fuckin fat come give me a blow job or else I'm gonna go to the brothel tonight!!!"
By Tate
Does This Shirt Make Me Look Fat

"does this shirt make me look fat?"
By Christine
I Said, You Look Fat In Those Pants!
An effective rebuttal used by a man who has just been denied dancing privileges with the woman of his choice in a noisy club.

Man (yelling over the music): "DO YOU WANT TO DANCE?"
Woman (with a disgusted look on her face): "Not a chance!"

By Martelle
Colonel Sanders Looking Fat Ass Bitch
A phrase angry high school kids use to describe a middle aged substitute teacher with a white goatee and mustache.

"Leave me alone you stupid colonel sanders looking fat ass bitch!"
By Jannel