Define Disgusted Meaning

something fucking sick and makes you wanna puke.

when i think of kevin and katherine, i get so disgusted.
By Cherlyn

You disgust me so much I'd rather stick my hand in a fryer than look at you even a single second more
By Heda
Your giving your grandmother a kiss and she slips her tongue in.

oh dear lord that is disgusting!
By Bari
1. A truly disgusting (and usually unattractive) individual.

2. A repugnant psychopath that is disliked by most who are acquainted with it. Often oblivious of their own revulsion and of how disliked they truly are.

A combination of the words disgusting and repugnant.

She was the proverbial office pariah - A disgustant and outcast that few would have anything to do with - due in large part to her disagreeable and narcissistic nature.
By Roze
What most attempts at entries on urbandictionary end up being.

Another one of those poo-vagina entries. Disgusting.
By Caresa
Alternative for level of disgust.
As slurred / created by Stacey Chamberlain 17th May 2019

A: That's shocking
B: I know right, maximum disgustness
By Caralie

The shit on the floor was blatant disgustation.
By Tildi
A strong distaste; a feeling of repulsion

When you find your parents' door locked, a feeling of disgust arises.
By Kari
so impressive or overwhelmingly awesome that its not 'sick' its disgusting.

Dude that song was so fuckin disgusting, i'm gonna download it tonight
By Iris
That feeling you get when your fingers rip through the toilet paper while wiping your butt.

*riiiiiiiipp* oh shit (literally)..... *disgust*
By Shayne