Define Quality Meaning

A word to use in place of, "awesome," "cool," "groovy," "rad," "fly," or any other words to describe something you find amazing.

Man 1: Hey, have you seen Donnie Darko?
Man 2: Yeah, man. Quality movie.
By Delphine
when something is really amazing or good, the word mint also means kinda the same!

she is 'quality',that car is 'quality',that lesson was 'quality'
By Kakalina

That bud was quality
By Moyra
Top of the line weed. Marijuana that often has a high THC content (gets you fucked up). It can be used 2 describe anything if you're high.

I smoked some mad quality reefer. Then i watched a mad quality movie!!! Then i drank and got ferjunked
By Fanechka
A term often used whilst at old trafford or ibiza. it entails the having of a good time sometimes under the influence of alcohol.

that was one dope ass quality chris
i know will it was so good
By Sharla
highly acceptable; very good; quite enjoyed.

"dude, thats quality. i would do you myself if you werent you."
By Elsa
recent addition to the dublin lexicon,means approving of a girls looks in the same way that youd talk about a car or your latest pair of runners

"your woman that works down in peter marks, ye know, that wears the rec coat, shes a fucking quality bird"
By Dasi
Describes something as very good. Used mainly by the British teenagers and the LPcool.

"Did you watch Ali G last night?"
"Yeah mate, it was quality"
By Tamera

By Vilma
Off-model/poorly drawn animation in a show or movie.

Wow, last night's episode of x had some major QUALITY. Fail.
By Letitia