Define Mine Meaning


mine, not yours.
By Rorie
1. A word used to tell people that something belongs to you.
2. A place, usualy a underground tunnel where ores or precius stones are being gathered and shipped off.
3.(to mine)The act in MMORPG's to keep gathering the same resource.
4.A device made by/for the military, it is a bomb, usualy flat and cilinder shaped and hard to spot becouse of camouflage coloring, that has some kind of trigger to detect if a person or vehicle is near, they are bad, bad things becouse after a war, the ones who placed them dont clean them up and they stay there until a random person walks on it and dies/loses limbs.

1.That bike is mine, not yours.
2.The diamonds mined there where huge.
3.Where can i mine fish?
4.There are special robots and machines that can clearn an area of mines quicly.
By Noreen
Used in an exclamitory way to proclaim that something is yours.

Dumpface1: Hey, there's only one peice of pizza left. If no one wants it I'll...
Dumpface2: MINE!!!
Dumpface1: Well fine, you take it...
By Domini
1. A word that replaces the term shotgun : used to tell people that u are claiming something
2. A place, usualy a underground tunnel where ores or precius stones are being gathered and shipped off.
3. A explosive device that has lethal side effects when activated.
4. A word that causes you to do 10 pushup's if answered to a question. After the 10th pushup you have to clap 1 time with your hands so everybody knows that you are a retarded person if your are at a public location. This last clap is increasing for the humiliation factor.

Waiting line in the supermarket:

Mark: Who's milk is this?
Onno: Mine
Seraphin: OOOOHHHH!! Yea bitch give me 10!
(pushups have to be done, no matter which location)

Exeption: When a driver of a car on a very busy road answered ''mine'' after a question, he can postpone the pushups untill the car has a initial velocity of 0 km/h.
By Jordain
repetitive - can override a yoink if said over and over again

"Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine...."
By Ibby
The word used by a vampire to tell other vampires that a particular human is his/her property and no other vampires can feed on them.

When the three vampires began to drink the blood of Sookie, Bill shouted, "Stop, She is Mine". (characters from True Blood)
By Babbie
mine' not yours mine

this is mine
By Mireille
mine, not urs bitch so back the fuck off alien looking ass gimme my tide pod pack and do some hentai

Hes mine, Hoe.
By Kimbra
when something is yours, or a pit or a colliery for mining coal n gold n iron n stuff out the ground, they call miners or anyone from a mining village "the pitmen",

jimmy: aye up ol pal, that mine, keep yer'ands off it!!
john the theif: it warr me

jimmy: I wish they'd reopen the mines, then everybody would have a job
johnny: arr I know, lorrove unemployment since they shut em!!
By Katerina

By Mufinella